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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

JYP and FNC swap dance and band concepts?

Article: JYP to band, FNC to dance, main genre changes for the two companies

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+2,060, -47] Really liked 'Why So Lonely'!!

2. [+2,040, -107] Really hate how FNC thinks they can media play using JYP's name when every single one of their releases have been flops

3. [+1,426, -33] The power of JYP!! ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+689, -12] Both JYP's bands and dances have been successful... Wonder Girls and DAY6's band songs have been great ㅠㅠ and of course JYP has always been known for their dance concepts

5. [+495, -9] You really can't compare the two companies, they're not on the same level at all

6. [+444, -4] Once again, FNC trying to put themselves on the same level as JYP;;; this is why your company is so hated. You're not even on the same level as JYP, why try to hook yourself up to them? Realize your status.

7. [+416, -9] JYP's main concept is not band... They still have Twice and Got7. Just because the Wonder Girls switched concepts to a band and DAY6 doesn't mean the company's main bread and butter is band, it's dance... Whereas FNC realized that their band concepts aren't working anymore so they swapped to dance...

8. [+404, -10] Both band and dance concepts have done well in JYP ㅋㅋ

9. [+309, -4] AOA's double title tracks have both fallen off the charts... FNC is too desperate to make money that they don't seem to care about concepts or musicality at all, as long as they release something... Meanwhile JYP has a ton of money saved up so they can try different music genres without any pressure and come out with a better rate of success. You really can't compare the two companies. WG's 'Why So Lonely' was so good... FNC should really stop trying to act like they're a top 3 agency.

10. [+258, -6] Quick reminder that AOA's new song was only released a couple days ago and it's currently #96 on Melon

11. [+245, -3] FNC can try all they want to compare themselves to JYP but to the public, JYP is a wall to them...

12. [+160, -4] How dare FNC try to act like they're even comparable to JYP. JYP's a company that eats trophies for breakfast and FNC thinks they can stick their group that can't even stay on the charts next to them?



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