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Friday, January 6, 2017

Im Chang Jung gets married to bride 18 years his junior

Article: [Exclusive] Im Chang Jung marries bride 18 years his junior 'shy kiss amidst blessings'

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1,611, -89] Honestly, I'd be seething if I was the bride's mother... to think of my daughter becoming a mother to four kids on her first marriage..

2. [+1,104, -78] That height difference;;;

3. [+1,082, -67] Doesn't look good ㅠ like uncle and niece..;;

4. [+117, -10] Nevermind Im Chang Jung, I find the woman more weird for even thinking of marrying someone so much older...?

5. [+115, -14] I'm an Im Chang Jung fan but I feel like this marriage is wrong on various levels. His kids aren't fully grown yet and it hasn't even been that long since his divorce. It's not considerate at all to his ex or the parents of his ex. Sure he's in love and doesn't want to lose her but you have to think that his ex married him when she was in her early twenties too and had three kids with him over 10 years. For them to divorce after all that must mean that there were issues that transcended money problems or anything. This new marriage was like a spark that came out of no where and I don't predict it lasting long... well, you never know with life so I wish him happiness still ㅜ

6. [+93, -9] Maybe because she's a celebrity trainee herself but she seems to really know what she wants

7. [+88, -13] Isn't it too early for him to remarry, at least for the sake of his kids... She's 18 years younger than him too..

8. [+83, -9] Gross

9. [+78, -2] That woman has quite the stomach marrying someone so much older..

10. [+75, -15] I like him as an actor but his personal life is a mess

11. [+63, -7] His kids are still in pre-school and elementary school, would it have killed him to wait until they were older... He's only thinking of himself

12. [+63, -7] This is why money is all that matters in marriage

13. [+54, -5] Going to be a headache for that woman to raise four kids on her own now...

14. [+47, -3] He looks like he's kissing his daughter

15. [+43, -4] I really like him as an actor and a singer but he deserves all the hate for this marriage. She's a 91er... is he insane? Are they really happy with this marriage?



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