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Friday, January 6, 2017

Choiza's Instagram gets spammed with pleas for intervention

Article: Choiza's Instagram "Please put a stop to Sulli" vs "Not his responsibility"

Source: KBS via Daum

1. [+3,330, -247] None of this is Choiza's fault... and I think it's been a long time since even Choiza has been under Sulli's control. Anyway, Sulli's not the type to stop just because someone tells her to stop. Sulli's probably happy now because it's fun looking in the mirror with her pretty face and all but there's nothing that fades faster than youth and she will pay the price for the actions of her youth whether she likes it or not.

2. [+2,141, -173] If he doesn't want people nosing into his business, he should set his account to private. There's nothing on the internet that is your own private space.

3. [+735, -22] Yes Sulli is free to do what she wants but as an unni who went through a tumultuous twenties, I'm worried for her. I understand that Sulli wants to express herself for various reasons but I want her to know that there's more to life than just your boyfriend. She's going to regret these actions in 10 years and she needs to learn to love herself more.

4. [+596, -56] The problem with Sulli is that she doesn't think any of this as embarrassing... I just want her to put on some clothes and stop putting up all these erotic pictures.

5. [+536, -29] I'm just scared about what she's actually thinking on the inside

6. [+460, -12] Sulli has passed the point where anything she does can be looked over as aegyo. Her popularity and youth aren't going to last forever, she needs to be more careful with her actions now and it's a shame that she doesn't realize that.

7. [+253, -23] Only a matter of time before she gets pregnant

8. [+159, -16] I think it's easy for anyone in the celebrity career to become a little crazy, it's nothing for us to be worried about her for. She provides entertainment and headlines, nothing more. Other celebrities wouldn't even accept money to act the way Sulli does and yet Sulli does it for free entertainment for all of us so just take it for what it is.

9. [+135, -7] I don't know why people drag Choiza into this all the time when Sulli just seems crazy on her own

10. [+82, -6] But now that I'm an ajumma myself, I realize that I didn't know anything at Sulli's age, I was really just a kid. Choiza's a ba$tard for using that.

11. [+78, -7] I consider Choiza a victim in this. He can't break up with her even if he wants to. Sulli has no identity so she keeps doing all these crazy things for people to make her feel like she exists. If a man really loves a woman, he would love her in a way that helps her grow, not leave her as a shell of the person she is.

12. [+69, -0] Whatever she does now can be passed off as pretty or whatever because she's young and she is pretty... but just wait in 5 years, she'll cry over the lack of attention;; I bet Choiza's just waiting for time to pass quickly too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. [+64, -4] What I find more problematic are the people who are saying it's none of our business when it's so very clear that Sulli has issues going on right now. She needs to get help before things get worse, this isn't anything to be ignoring.

14. [+53, -3] Of course it's Choiza's fault, she became like this after she started dating him. That's why fans are so worried about her... Choiza and Sulli are a couple that should've never met. He's the one who brought out all these psycho tendencies in her....

15. [+35, -0] Sulli lives like she has no future because she doesn't manage her image at all, something that even a regular chum off of the street does. Acting out like this feels sweet when you're young since you get to do crazy things that others wouldn't dare to do and you feel like you're superior to the people who put you down... but people who have nothing but their looks to rely on end up nothing when they get older. No one will care about you once that beauty fades. Unfortunately, nothing we say will get through to her right now until she realizes that herself.



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