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Friday, January 13, 2017

Choa clarifies Seolhyun's income division controversy

Article: AOA Choa clarifies controversy over Seolhyun sharing income "It wouldn't be right to divide it"

Source: Newsen via Nate

Choa, "Honestly and speaking candidly, our digital rank isn't that great right now. But it's because we were on such a long break. I consider this album a way to help the people who forgot about us remember us again. Our fans are liking it though because it's a new concept we haven't tried and they enjoy our two title tracks."

On Seolhyun, "One thing I'd like to clarify is something that has been a hot topic lately. Our Seolhyun said that she completely divides her income with everyone but when I asked her what she meant by that, I think she was too young to really understand her contract terms because it isn't true. I can't go into detail about her contract terms but I don't want any more controversy over it. We know that Seolhyun works hard for that money and it wouldn't be fair to have to divide it."


1. [+714, -14] FNC's weird media play is pitting the members against each other ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+494, -26] FNC probably thought people would be like "wow! so loyal!" if they media played about Seolhyun sharing her income but all they got was a ton of criticism so they're forcing Choa to clarify

3. [+442, -34] Choa fighting

4. [+79, -8] But isn't it obvious that there's something fishy if Seolhyun hasn't been able to afford a house by now when she's shot so many CFs? It's either she's sharing with the members or the agency is taking most of it

5. [+63, -8] I remember on 'Knowing Bros' that Seolhyun said she didn't care about dividing her income because she was happy to help her members and smiled and the other members looked really pissed about it... maybe that's why she's clarifying?

6. [+58, -4] Then how come she can't afford a house yet? CF modeling makes big bucks ㅡㅡ this clarification makes even less sense ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+51, -0] Basically means the agency is taking most if then

8. [+42, -4] Let's not forget that Choa was the breadwinner for AOA in the beginning...

9. [+37, -3] Everything aside, their agency is the worst ㅋㅋㅋ Choa and Seolhyun are working so hard and Jimin has had some individual work done, I think it's time that they discuss their contract terms again

10. [+35, -1] Their agency is so trash...

11. [+24, -16] Honestly Seolhyun should keep her mouth shut because she causes misunderstandings every time she opens her mouth. No wonder the other members are always frustrated with her, she makes them into bad guys all th etime.

12. [+23, -2] Why does Mina's facial expression look so surprised at her clarification though ㅋㅋㅋ

13. [+22, -3] Maybe they do share Seolhyun's income but it's not divided equally between all of them?

14. [+20, -0] Well you still have Sungso who's feeding 12 members all on her own right now

15. [+17, -3] FNC probably forced Choa to clarify... but you have to admit that Seolhyun's pulling all the weight right now, like Suzy and miss A

16. [+16, -3] I remember on 'Knowing Bros' they asked Seolhyun if she was happy and she said she was but she didn't look happy at all, nearly looked like she was about to cry

17. [+15, -2] What nonsense is this? Everyone knows that groups divide income and even Seolhyun herself said that they did so who is Choa to ignore what Seolhyun said "just because she's young and doesn't know anything"?

18. [+15, -4] I think it's true that they do divide income since Choa refuses to go into detail about it

19. [+14, -0] Normally idol groups do divide income until their next contract renewal where they can discuss their own terms. Seolhyun may have made a lot in income but you have to consider how much the agency takes, their flop albums, and their training expenses, on top of dividing with the rest of the members...

20. [+13, -1] Doesn't her clarification basically mean FNC takes everything if Seolhyun shot all those CFs and still can't afford a house and yet she doesn't share her income with the members?



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