Agency CEO sentenced to 10 months in jail for sexual harassment of singer trainee

Article: Celebrity agency CEO accused of sexually harassing singer trainee sentenced to jail

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

1. [+422, -6] He did something so bad and yet only got 10 months for it

2. [+340, -13] Is it because once you blow up in fame, you can buy expensive buildings and make as much money as a chaebol that people are willing to put up with this type of abuse to become a celebrity???? Disgusting... absolutely disgusting... the fact that you have to put up with all this trash just to make some money...

3. [+322, -17] So many horny ba$tards tsk tsk tsk

4. [+27, -0] Our law is so weird... while some guy gets thrown in jail for three years because he stole two heads of cabbage out of starvation while ba$tards like this guy get a pathetic 10 years...

5. [+23, -0] Police really should release the name of the agency so that other trainees don't end up joining, everyone has a right to know

6. [+23, -17] That trainee was 32 years old though, what was she thinking starting to train at that age? She should've been more worried about working and saving money to get married at that age

7. [+19, -0] And yet again, we realize that the Jang Ja Yeon scandal is still ongoing today...

8. [+19, -9] Wait, the trainee was 32 though...? She wanted to debut as an idol at that age...?

9. [+14, -2] Celebrities are lucky if they end up doing well... but underneath it all, they're really no different from prostitutes

10. [+13, -1] Such a light sentence for someone who not only abused someone's dream but messed up her life as well

11. [+11, -1] A trainee at 32 years old... she was probably already feeling so stressed at starting so late in life but she had to get involved with a trash of a man too, now she must be feeling even more devastated ㅠㅠ what a shame...

12. [+9, -1] I really wish men who can't control their sexual desires would go purchase prostitutes instead of taking it out on women like her who don't want it