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Monday, December 5, 2016

Ye Jung Hwa reveals Ma Dong Suk's nickname for her is 'baby'

Article: Ye Jung Hwa reveals all about boyfriend Ma Dong Suk #lovely #17 year age gap #nickname is baby

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+3,180, -124] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I have nothing to say

2. [+3,120, -300] Still not sure why he's dating a mythomaniac...

3. [+2,732, -500] She should enjoy it while the relationship lasts because it's obvious that it won't go anywhere further than this

4. [+1,080, -50] There were no shows that were casting her for a while but now she's back on TV shows after dating Ma Dong Suk ㅋㅋ reminds me of Chun Yi Seul who started getting on TV shows just for talking about dating Yang Sang Guk

5. [+930, -65] She has a bit of an attention wh*re tendency to her. I genuinely hope she isn't using Mavely hyung who is one of the hottest trends lately just for her own fame... I genuinely hope not;;

6. [+715, -24] Hearing that it's a 17 year age gap is shocking already but seeing it in numbers as 28 and 45 is even more shocking

7. [+612, -7] Ever since he began dating her, his image just seems greasy to me now...

8. [+619, -40] I feel like she's using him for fame

9. [+399, -17] Ma Dong Suk doesn't seem to have an eye for women~ dating an SNS attention wh*re mythomaniac~~

10. [+399, -25] I don't understand people who date with such huge age gaps. The bookkeeper at my company is 25 but dating a man who's 42... even if she's head over heels for him, shouldn't the older man know better than to entertain that and tell her to stop??? What are they thinking??

11. [+262, -9] I just don't know how mentally you can date someone 17 years older than you...

12. [+212, -10] The reason that the majority of the people are against these two is because Ma Dong Suk should know better as the older man than to date a woman who's practically old enough to be his daughter. His image also went from a smart, friendly one to a cheap one. Ye Jung Hwa also has a negative image from her attention wh*re antics on SNS and people think she's using him for fame.

13. [+174, -1] Whatever, they're going to break up soon anyway so leave them alone. There's even a couple that broke up after telling the world that they shoved a suppository up the other's butt.

14. [+184, -9] Seeing the numbers 28 and 45 together really drives the age gap home

15. [+138, -3] I'm just amazed that someone who's not even a celebrity or a professional yoga teacher is on TV talking all the time



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