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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Yang Hyun Suk tells Shannon to lose weight on 'K-Pop Star 6'

Article: 'K-Pop Star 6' Yang Hyun Suk tells Shannon, "I'd tell you to lose weight if you were in YG"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,579, -69] I'd tell YG to live a just life

2. [+856, -41] Shannon was so pretty on 'Hidden Singer' but she seems to have changed a lot

3. [+724, -97] Shannon has great vocal talent but it's kind of greasy and outdated in style. There are a ton of singers who can sing well, and I think her style isn't that deserving to pass. Although I'm sure if she was on 'Superstar K' or some other show, she'd be praised for being good ㅋㅋ

4. [+69, -7] Why didn't you tell that to Park Bom? To stop getting plastic surgery and lose some weight

5. [+63, -7] He's telling her to lose weight not for her body but for her movements when she dances. As much as I hate him too, he's a professional when it comes to dancing.

6. [+53, -6] She did gain a lot of weight since 'Hidden Singer' though

7. [+42, -2] Shannon seems to have a fighting spirit though so I like that. I hope she loses weight for the next stage and loses some of that power so that the judges can really help teach her. She's always taking criticisms the right way and making the right changes.

8. [+39, -7] Well I'd like to tell YG to stop doing drugs and learn some respect

9. [+37, -8] Her hair style looks like an ajumma too, she looks better with longer hair

10. [+33, -23] Why is he criticizing her weight when not everyone in YG is a super skinny model??? He's always saying such dangerous things that ruin your self esteem, tsk tsk. He even told Sandara to try to stick out her chest when he knows she doesn't have any, called GD the evil of Big Bang, called Lee Hi ugly... I saw a whole list of all the bad things he's said to his artists and I don't understand how someone can speak like that to his own people no matter how close you are with them.

11. [+29, -18] This is what I'd call harassment. This is something that even close friends should be careful to say and yet he says it like it's not a big deal on TV. Don't try to glamorize it by saying "it's to manage yourself better" when you're clearly harassing her. I can't imagine many more societies where talking like this to someone is acceptable.

12. [+22, -7] Yeah so is that why Park Bom was always gaining and losing weight...? ㅋ

13. [+20, -2] How about you worry about that hat of yourselves... Britney and Beyonce have no problem pulling off their dance moves with the bodies that they have

14. [+19, -4] I'd like to tell Shannon to not change her looks. And I'd like to tell Yang Hyun Suk that he never would've been able to become a singer if he was born in this generation... The most he'd be would be playing some grim reaper character on a historical drama.

15. [+16, -1] Worry about your own weight



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