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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sulli gets criticized for calling senior actor Lee Sung Min 'Sung Min-ssi'

Article: Sulli calls "Sung Min-ssi" on SNS...

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate

Sulli: "Met my loving Sung Min-ssi for the first time in a while. Older brother Bae Jung Nam as well. We're all here to support Dong Won oppa!!"

Netizens then criticized, "You have a 20 year age difference with him, it's disrespectful to call him 'Sung Min-ssi'" while others defended, "It's not your business". Sulli clarified, "It's just my term of endearment for him. Don't react so sensitively to it! Haha"


1. [+1,900, -227] Please use your brain. Your head is not there for decorative purposes.

2. [+1,598, -150] She's pretty and I'm fine with her relationship with Choiza and all.. but I personally wish she'd stop SNS. Her image just gets worse and worse..

3. [+1,456, -156] I bet she would've gone mad if she had been born in a world without SNS

4. [+160, -18] I dare her to go call Lee Mi Sook 'Mi Sook-ssi' or Go Hyun Jung 'Hyun Jung-ssi'

5. [+135, -17] Sung Min-ssi ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I wonder if she'd dare to call any actress by their first name?

6. [+114, -20] She can get away with only so much for being pretty, she needs to at least have a basic sense of respect ㅡㅡ the way she talks to adults is indicative of the poor upbringing she had in her family. And anyone defending her... yeah, it's reflective of your upbringing as well.

7. [+109, -12] 'Term of endearment' my a$$, how would anyone dare call a senior as big as him by his first name and adding -ssi to that? She even calls actor Kim Ui Sung 'Ui Sung-ssi'... she's only making it more painfully obvious that she never learned basic manners and respect. And if people are correcting her, she should be learning from it but instead she's giving attitude..

8. [+96, -11] The least she could've done was call him 'sunbaenim' at the end of his name..

9. [+85, -12] That man is old enough to be her father and she doesn't even bother to address him with a title tsk tsk. The fact that she doesn't know basic sense of manners like this must mean she acts even worse like a total psycho in real life.

11. [+67, -10] At this point, I'm curious what her parents her like. Just what kind of people are they that they raised a person with such a lack of manners like this?

12. [+66, -13] For all of you who don't know, adding -ssi to the end of someone's name is only used when you're speaking to someone below you in age or status

13. [+52, -5] Calling someone old enough to be her father a -ssi .....

14. [+41, -5] No manners, no respect, no thoughts in that head of hers...

15. [+34, -5] (Dictionary definition of 'ssi' which explains that it's used as a status marker at the end of someone's name to show that person respect. It is never used in official public/business environments and rarely used for people who are above you in age or status, normally only to people in similar age, work rank, or juniors)



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