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Saturday, December 3, 2016

'SNL Korea' under another controversy for breast cancer gag

Article: 'SNL 8' under another controversy for making fun of Um Aeng Ran 'criticisms galore'

Source: Newsen via Nate

Gagwoman Jung Iran plays a caricature of actress Um Aeng Ran who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had to halt her career to get surgery removing one half of her chest. During her skit on a song talking about "grabbing one's chest" emotionally, she said, "I don't have a chest to grab" in Um Aeng Ran's voice.


1. [+2,292, -37] They're the absolute worst

2. [+2,143, -32] They're really driving the pain home for Um Aeng Ran. What they think they're doing for laughs will be an unforgettable pain for another.

3. [+1,886, -32] Wow... even words of hatred aren't enough for them

4. [+123, -3] Wow.. I personally hope Um Aeng Ran never finds out about this.. It'd be so upsetting for her to find out ㅠㅠ

5. [+117, -2] I was diagnosed with breast cancer as well. This is so shocking... this is a joke gone too far.

6. [+102, -2] Yeah, this is just wrong...

7. [+101, -2] SNL... the crew is so cruel. Is it just who they are as people? How could you call this a gag... so cruel...

8. [+94, -2] Enough is enough, take the show off air. You cannot use another person's pain as a joke like this.


Source: Nate

1. [+324, -6] SNL is too cowardly to satirize actual issues in our society and instead go about hurting the minorities... Eric Nam was asked to parody Gandhi and Hong Suk Chun and he refused to do both because he said it was wrong.

2. [+300, -8] When Eric Nam was on SNL, he was asked to do a skit involving a curry concept about India as a caricature of Gandhi of sorts and he said that he refused to do a caricature of an important figure who represents another country. Considering that Indians still take their shoes off when entering Gandhi's historic sites, imagine if Eric Nam had acutally gone through with the parody, we'd be in a mess... ; He also refused to do Hong Suk Chun because he said it would be turning sexual minorities into a caricature. I doubt the staff understood why he was saying those things, they really need some basic respect.

3. [+233, -1] It's just the true character of the producers and the cast being revealed

4. [+22, -1] My aunt had to surgically remove her chest because of breast cancer and as someone who personally knows the pain and suffering that that involves, SNL has really crossed the line this time. What were they thinking? Not one person said this was a bad idea in a team meeting?

5. [+15, -0] What a disappointment


Article: 'SNL' apologizes for breast cancer controversy, "We weren't careful enough"

Source: E-Daily via Naver

1. [+8,477, -351] Sigh, take this show off air... are they trying to copy Park Geun Hye now?

2. [+5,468, -168] Enough is enough, take the show off air and fire all of them

3. [+5,274, -138] Yeah, this show's headed to the trash, good job

4. [+5,066, -105] Are they insane? Do they not know where the line is?

5. [+1,152, -10] It's been barely a week since their sexual harassment scandal and another controversy already? They should know to be even more careful with their script after the first time, what were they thinking?

6. [+1,007, -14] I feel so bad for her, imagine how much harder it must be for her to have her pain be used as a laughing matter

7. [+920, -9] They thought this was appropriate after apologizing? They're insane

8. [+726, -7] Are they joking? Do they not have a basic sense of respect?



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