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Saturday, December 24, 2016

[Pann] Twice's singing skills need urgent improvement?

Pann: About Twice

(OP summarized: OP criticizes Twice for being a completely commercial group with only visuals and catchy hook songs but no real talent outside of that. Points out that they were made to be commercial from the 'Sixteen' auditions where only the pretty members were chosen and the talented ones were eliminated. Also points out that their hit songs are all bright, upbeat hook songs catered to public tastes but without any showcasing of actual talent in singing, rapping, or dancing. OP praises Park Jin Young's ability for commercial success but stresses the need for the group to improve talent wise to prevent future disappointment.)

1. [+238, -22] When Momo was first eliminated on 'Sixteen' but brought back, I never understood why. I like her but she was obviously eliminated because she was bad and then they brought her back because she was popular. What does that make the other kids who were eliminated after passing their missions? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Not that it's Momo's fault but JYP really shouldn't have called it a survival when it's not..

2. [+215, -15] Whenever Park Jin Young goes on criticizing people on 'K-Pop Star' about how he can't feel their emotions or whatever, I want him to focus more on Twice instead..

3. [+182, -28] I don't like Twice much myself but is there an idol that isn't commercial? Twice releases the songs that they do because it's just the nature of a girl group. You have to have bright, upbeat hook songs or people won't listen to it. Sorry to bust out names but A Pink's 'Mr. Chu' or 'LUV' was really a hit or miss and SNSD's 'Mr. Mr.' only won #1 on music shows because of their fandom alone. The only reason A Pink and SNSD have made it this far is because they have a strong vocal line. Twice... has an unstable vocal line + too many foreign members. 'Sixteen' honestly felt like a show where they pre-determined the winners and was just a way to bring in a fandom. I know what the OP is talking about... Twice reminds me of the honey butter chips. They'll hit peak popularity but once their skills never improve and years go by, people are going to stop being interested in just their faces alone and that popularity bubble will burst. I want them to improve and be a chip like shrimp chips that is loved for a long time.

4. [+113, -2] Twice has honestly caught the public's attention and they have a strong fandom now so if they keep going like this without improving their skills, they're just going to get into more and more controversies over their skills. They need to focus on improving if they want a long career.

5. [+94, -6] Twice has 9 members singing an entire song and yet they still have voice cracks and run out of breath. They can't even sing a whole song on their own.

6. [+89, -14] Completely agree with OP. Twice is so popular right now that you'll get hated if you ever try to say anything like this. People defend them like "They've got a ton of pretty members and have good songs, isn't that all you need?" ㅋㅋㅋ Uhh, maybe the fact that they're singers but can't sing for sh*t?

7. [+67, -10] I remember someone said this about 'Thank You' and I agreed... they just reek of money... if you get my drift

8. [+64, -4] Some people don't seem to get OP's point. Yeah, all idol groups are commercial groups meant to make money but what OP is saying is that other groups at least try to improve and create a musical color for themselves whereas Twice does nothing but push their visuals while their singing skills, the most basic of all skills, remain stagnant. All they do is push their visuals so they have no color to them as singers at all. They're totally just a commercial group made to make money.

9. [+60, -63] But is there an idol group lately that isn't commercial? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Idols are one season businesses, you have to milk the most money out of them while they still hold value as a product before throwing them out. They're not singers, you can't expect them to be singers. You guys are the ones that perpetuate this cycle by continuing to like idols like this. Twice is nothing but a product of their company made up by trainers. The music industry died the minute idols took over ㅋㅋ

10. [+56, -2] It's not easy to have both skill and commercial success like 5VXQ, Big Bang, or SHINee

11. [+37, -0] You have to admit they lack talent compared to other groups. Their dances are basically children's dances and maybe because of their foreign members but I don't even understand what they're singing in the lyrics

12. [+30, -3] Honestly, Twice doesn't have any OSTs because they're untalented, right? Even Girlfriend has Umji releasing a solo OST and total nugus like Gugudan and Cosmic Girls have OSTs of their own. Why do you think only Twice doesn't have any ㅋㅋ Nayeon's only considered good compared to the other Twice members but her skills aren't even comparable to sub-vocals like SNSD's Sunny or A Pink's Bomi... she'd be on par with sub-sub vocals like Oh Hayoung, Yuri, or Sooyoung

13. [+30, -0] Let's just be honest and admit they're not talented;;;;

14. [+29, -3] Never cared for the group but I have to admit I was horrified when I saw them at the MMA. If they're going to be winning huge things like daesangs, they should at least improve their skills enough to be deserving of it with the other groups that have won it too.

15. [+28, -1] Proof that Twice is bad at singing: it's been over a year since their debut, they're the trendiest they've ever been, and yet they have not one OST to their name. Even IOI who debuted later than Twice has an OST.. Red Velvet and Girlfriend too, both which don't require mentions because they have so many.



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