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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Netizens divided on Brave Brothers' story of his delinquent past

Article: Brave Brothers 'from juvenile detention to living in a penthouse'

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,106, -54] He made himself a golden spoon through his own power alone

2. [+1,874, -53] He's someone who was walking down a bad path and still feeling scared. Someone who knew not only how to dream but also how to push for it. He matches the 'brave' in his name.

3. [+1,374, -60] Talk about turning your life around, he's the real deal. I never knew about his time in juvie.

4. [+1,244, -44] I find him amazing. It must've been so hard to take himself out of that life but look at how successful he is now.

5. [+707, -28] He is proof of the 10,000-hour rule... someone who started with nothing and then applying himself like crazy to his passion in music to finally becoming a master..

6. [+152, -12] So many stories of his past makes me wonder how many others would be willing to dig himself out of the rock bottom he was in like he did. He's amazing.

7. [+147, -16] I'm sure he's happy that he's successful now but what about all the people he hurt to end up in juvie in the first place? I doubt they're happy seeing him so successful now

8. [+218, -40] It's quite obvious how bad of a life he must've lived if he ended up in juvie in his teens... Did he ever apologize to his victims? The ones he hurt physically and mentally? They're probably watching him on TV now and reliving their trauma over and over again..

9. [+91, -6] I honestly don't have a positive impression of people with a bad past. Those people that he hurt are probably still living with the trauma of what he did to them.

10. [+66, -4] Now that he's rich, I'm sure he wants to recycle his image to seem like the nice guy... but I hope he really is reflecting and this whole nice guy thing isn't just an act.


Source: Nate

1. [+994, -12] And what about your victims? Did you ever think about them after you found success?

2. [+930, -18] I hate people who beg for sympathy like this ㅋ ever think about your victims?

3. [+844, -33] All of his victims are probably still reeling in the anger of what he did to them every time they see him on TV. It's sad that some pathetic netizens are supporting him now and ridiculing the feelings of the actual victims.

4. [+79, -1] How is a story of a man who committed crimes and end up in juvie but now making a ton of money being so glamorized like this? All you need is money to seem like a good person now? Right, who cares about the feelings of his victims, huh?

5. [+63, -0] I think he has the wrong mindset. He obviously ended up in juvie because he assaulted people. So his time in juvie is a 'difficult memory' for him but he doesn't care at all about the people he assaulted and the 'difficult memory' that they have to deal with? Disgusting how he's on TV talking about it now.

6. [+61, -1] He doesn't seem to feel sorry at all for the victims in his past. He was even on 'I Live Alone' introducing his friends that he used to get in trouble with in the past like "These are my friends"

7. [+61, -0] I hate that I live in a world where a guy like him can be successful. What is he so proud about boasting about his juvie past on TV?

8. [+50, -0] People who used to be iljins have no right to deserve any happiness for the rest of their lives, not even for their own children



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