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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Irene's attitude controversy on 'Radio Star' continues to brew

Article: Red Velvet's Irene, why did her 'attitude controversy' get on the chopping block?

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+178, -14] Why should the viewers already know that she's an introverted, shy personality? That's stuff only fans know... She was just sitting there smiling the whole time. Should've put her in the audience seat instead of a guest on the show. No matter how her personality is, she was given a job and she should've been more active about fulfilling her role.

2. [+103, -5] Just seems like SM's mistake for putting her on the show. Seulgi was alright last time, would've been better for her to put her on one more time. Seulgi would've fit the episode's concept too since she had a longer training period...

3. [+86, -9] I'm pretty sure scriptwriters call the stars ahead of the recording to check with all of the questions they're going to ask... Is Irene a babo? She couldn't even get a word out... and it's not even that she couldn't talkl, she was stuttering over her words too, really looked like she was missing a few IQ points...

4. [+24, -1] ... So many no name celebrities would die for this opportunity. She deserves the hate so just take it. Pretty faces like her are a dime a dozen, it doesn't excuse her from anything.

5. [+23, -0] I understand that there are personalities like her but she's on a talk show, she should know that you're supposed to talk on a talk show...


Source: Naver

1. [+625, -89] If she was just going to sit there and smile the whole time, she should've sat in the audience seat

2. [+231, -15] When you know that there are others who are more desperate for this opportunity, it should inspire you to work harder on a program that you know is popular. Even if that's how her personality originally is, she should work on fixing it since being a celebrity is her job.

3. [+252, -26] It just looks like she doesn't care... Think of all the stars who will never get an opportunity like 'Radio Star'... She personally needs to really work on this. She has no charm as an idol.

4. [+202, -15] Even if she has a shy personality, she should know that if she decided to go on a TV show, she should try her best for it

5. [+193, -13] I still don't get why Irene was called as a guest for this episode...

6. [+148, -14] I wonder how such a quiet personality like hers dreamt of becoming a celebrity~

7. [+141, -14] If she decided on becoming a celebrity, shouldn't she work on fixing her personality?? She just doesn't care

8. [+121, -10] I'm not saying being shy is a bad thing but if she knows she's shy, she should've turned down the casting offer. I'm her fan so it's frustrating for me to see these attitude controversies about her all the time. I can't help but wonder if she'd still be acting like this if she wasn't under SM...

9. [+121, -11] Irene, you're not a rock, at least say something if you're on a talk show. SM should get some hate for putting her on 'Radio Star' to begin with.

10. [+106, -6] I fully think her attitude warranted this controversy. She struggled to keep up with the other panelists, Kim Gura kept giving her opportunities to say something and even gave her that SM special treatment but she kept looking at the staff and not finishing her sentences ㅠ Knowing that the show is recorded over several hours and that's the best the editing team could do with her ㅡㅡ I guess I'm not the only one that realized she was pretty bad yesterday

11. [+155, -25] Twice's foreigners Sana and Tzuyu worked way harder on talk shows. MCs tried so hard to help Irene stay afloat but she was quiet the entire time...

12. [+135, -22] Would prefer to never see her on varieties again...

13. [+98, -7] She's super pretty but doesn't seem to have any other talent. Her personality just isn't a fit for talk shows.


Article: Irene's 'Radio Star' attitude controversy, "She looked like a 20 year veteran" vs "Her beauty did all the work"

Source: The Fact via Nate

1. [+2,789, -76] It's not that her personality is an issue, she just has 0 variety skills and 0 talent

2. [+2,166, -62] She's painfully shy

3. [+2,031, -154] Reminds me exactly of Sohee back when she was with WG

4. [+266, -13] We're not blaming her personality... we're just saying that she's being paid to entertain and how she performed is not deserving of that pay

5. [+226, -16] Bottom line is that she's on the show to work and get paid and she didn't try enough to deserve it at all

6. [+195, -11] Why was she on the show at all???

7. [+193, -12] She just looked so stupid.. to the point where I questioned why she even bothered to become a celebrity;;;

8. [+171, -13] The other MCs kept trying to give her screentime and ask her questions but she just sat there... that was really wrong. I don't know why you'd bother even going on the show if you expect to get paid for doing nothing.

9. [+163, -7] If you know that you're a quiet, shy personality, you should not be on a variety show.

10. [+137, -13] She tried damn hard to look pretty the entire time too

11. [+133, -16] I get that she's the pretty, quiet type of personality but if she's on a variety show, she really needs to talk more ㅠㅠ

12. [+128, -13] It just shows that SM's the type to stick their idols everywhere whether they're prepared or ready for it or not. Even with the other guests trying to help her out, she stayed quiet. I would blame SM for putting her on the show knowing that she wasn't ready for it.

13. [+127, -20] Truly shows why Red Velvet has no male fans. People think that men only like girl groups for their pretty faces but they actually fall for the charms more than anything. The average looking members with charms are more popular than the pretty faces with no charms (ie IOI Choi Yoojung and Kang Mina). Types like Irene who are pretty but so scared to ruin their image or have any fun will never be popular. Red Velvet may look pretty but men don't like them because they have no charms. Twice and IOI are the #1 and #2 girl groups for a reason.

14. [+104, -6] If she's going to rely on her pretty face to do all the work for her, she won't be cast anywhere else. Why? Because pretty faces are a dime a dozen. She needs to try harder.

15. [+100, -5] This controversy would've never happened if they put Joy on the show instead



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