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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

[Instiz] Kim Yoo Jung criticized for looking distracted at public event

Instiz: Kim Yoo Jung's stage attitude controversy

"Looks disrespectful... hopefully she starts to watch her actions more in the future"

"Not a good look..."

"It's whatever for me.."

"It's in situations like this that show how young she really is"

"She's still young so... I'm sure she'll learn and work on it.."

"Not that she did anything good but it's wrong to judge her entire character off of a gif.."

"For the people defending her saying her legs must've hurt, well everyone else standing up there might be uncomfortable too but they still showed respect by standing upright. You can't shield what she's doing here."

"She has seniors up there with her who are standing up right, what is she doing with her leg standing like that? She's 18 years old, she's not even that young anymore. She should watch how she presents herself."

"Yoo Jung-ah, unni really likes you but this is wrong ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

"She's a high school senior, the young excuse doesn't fly anymore... She's old enough to know that you can't act like that up there."

"It's wrong and disrespectful, both to the audience and the actors she's standing up there with. And it's ridiculous to me how some people always want to excuse her behavior by saying she's young."

"I was actually at the event and she didn't stick her leg out disrespectfully, just seemed more like that leg was hurting so she stuck it out to the side. Maybe the angle makes it look worse than it did..? And if looking at her nails was a problem, then the actress next to her should be blamed too. Seo Hyun Jin also looked up at the ceiling in the gif, does that make her a bad person too? Kim Yoo Jung actually greeted fans and did a lot of fan service. I came out of it with my friend thinking she was pretty, didn't feel that she was being disrespectful at all! I can see how this gif does make her look disrespectful though, the power of media..."

"She really is still so young ㅋㅋㅋㅋ maybe she has no sense for how important these events are because she's been shooting movies and going to movie premieres since she was a little kid? Please fix the attitude, Yoo Jung-ah ㅠㅠ"

"Really hard to understand why she'd act like that at a public event with reporters and seniors on stage with her. She doesn't have to be an adult to know that it's inappropriate, even teens will get that."

"I remember she had a few controversies with her interviews before too. She keeps getting into controversies, not good... She's 19, she should know better than to act like that at a public event."



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