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Sunday, December 25, 2016

[Instiz] Jung Chaeyeon's season's greeting photos by photographer Rotta

Instiz: MBK Jung Chaeyeon's controversial season's greetings

"Greedy Kwang Soo not only released DIA's season's greetings but Chaeyeon's separately and the photographer is Rotta....;"



"I don't understand why they chose Rotta and I don't understand why Chaeyeon was the only one who got a separate set of season's greetings pictures..."

"The fact that her agency chose Rotta and the fact that he chose this type of concept for her... hopeless. Rotta is a criminal. I wonder when people are ever going to realize that."

"I don't know why people consider Rotta's photography pretty. All of his pictures are just copied and pasted from one another, and the fact that he has lolita elements in his works really makes me feel unsettled with the way his stuff is still being lauded everywhere."

"I can never understand what Kwang Soo's thinking"

"He really likes Rotta doesn't he..."

"Kwang Soo drives me insane"

"Please do not give that disgusting pedophile any more work"

"I hate that Rotta's pictures have lolita elements with all the same angles and outfits. Please stop using him."

"Chaeyeon is pretty enough to use any photographer, why Rotta..."

"Makes it awkward for fans to have to choose between buying Chaeyeon's season's greeting or supporting Rotta's work ^^ poor Chaeyeon fans and Chaeyeon..."

"I don't even get why Chaeyeon gets her own season's greeting set..."

"Rotta... (facepalm)"

"Ah.. Chaeyeon-ah... sorry we couldn't protect you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ stupid Kwang Soo ㅠㅠ"

"Stop doing this to Chaeyeon... there's another picture where it has 'Daddy' written on it, Rotta just takes it too far"

"I want to beat the crap out of Kwang Soo, I swear.. What are they doing to a kid.. they could just take all her selcas and release a season's greetings and it'd still sell well. Please respect your artist as a person and not a product. She's a young girl.



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