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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hollywood: Richard Marx criticizes Korean Air after handling dangerous situation

Article: Richard Marx reveals disturbance on Korean Air... criticizes "Ill-prepared and untrained crew"

Source: X Sports News via Nate [original source here]

1. [+2,015, -85] I've felt this every time I've gone on an airplane and it's that Koreans hire stewardesses like it's a beauty pageant. They care more about stewardesses looking pretty and frail and smelling like perfume than they do about how well they are at maintaining the safety and responsibility of the passengers. We need more male stewardesses who have the ability to control disturbances like this.

2. [+1,524, -40] By the title, I thought Richard Marx caused a disturbance on the plane... anyway, what do you expect from that peanut airline..

3. [+1,292, -65] I remember dealing with a Chinese stewardess on Korean Air before. She had a badge on that said she could speak both Korean and Chinese and I asked for 'water' and she just stared at me... no idea what the standards are for being hired there.

4. [+124, -9] I saw a grandma ask a stewardess to put up a carrier for her and she screamed and dropped it because it was heavy. I was the only guy around so I had to put it up for her and all the stewardess did was eye smile at me and thank me in a flirty way, which made me question whether she was there to work or hit on men. She looked like a plastic monster too. No idea how these people get picked.

5. [+106, -2] I was on an American airline and there was a Chinese passenger causing a disturbance on board (sitting at an emergency exit and refusing to take the emergency exit lessons). One of the American female stewardesses told him flatly 'no!' and took control of the situation immediately. It's not about whether male or female stewardesses are more useful in situations like this, it's about how they're trained.

6. [+106, -13] The majority of Korean stewardesses are ones that think they get vacations overseas to brag on SNS about before eventually snagging a man and getting married. You can't expect proper management of situations like these from them.

7. [+84, -3] Accidents like this have happened countless of times already. However, Korean Air still only hires super skinny, mannequin-like stewardesses and it's disappointing. I don't know if it's the attitude of the airline that's the issue or our country's preference for pretty women in service that's the issue.

8. [+71, -1] Korean stewardesses never know how to do anything other than brag on SNS about the places they go...

9. [+68, -1] I take the plane a lot for business trips and Korean stewardesses are pretty and nice and all but you have to admit that looks are a bigger deal in getting hired than anything else. They also seem really preoccupied with showing off and are always covered in luxury brands. They need to start focusing more on training and how to handle situations like this...

10. [+64, -1] Ugh, whenever I pass by the stewardess area of planes, I get bombarded by the scent of make up and perfume and it makes me dizzy.. ㅠㅠ it's like I'm at a night club...

11. [+56, -1] It's true, I don't ride the plane just to see pretty women in the sky. Please start hiring more stewardesses who are healthy and strong. I'm not on a plane to smell their perfume and look at women who can't even pull my carrier up to storage...

12. [+53, -0] Yeah, the plane is definitely a place for healthy, strong stewardesses, not just frail and pretty ones...

13. [+53, -0] So many things can go wrong on a plane, what do you expect stick skinny pretty stewardesses to handle... I really don't know why Koreans are so obsessed with hiring pretty stewardesses. Korean airlines seem more like beauty pageants when I go to the airport. We need more thick and charismatic stewardesses like foreign airlines.



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