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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

FNC CEO Han Sung Ho reflects over the past year of controversies

Article: [Interview] FNC Han Sung Ho CEO, "We hope that the controversies around AOA, Jung Yong Hwa, and Lee Se Young were vaccinations to prevent worse to come"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+13,363, -396] Can't stand this CEO

2. [+9,610, -233] Worry about yourself

3. [+8,743, -331] Don't be acting like you're some top 4 agency, your agency is still basically a hole in the wall

4. [+4,782, -415] He tries to sound like he really cares for his artists but it's not the case. I haven't looked into Lee Se Young or AOA but FNC really needs to apologize for how they handled Jung Yonghwa's scandal. FNC claims to be filing lawsuits against the hate comments about Jung Yonghwa but the hate comments haven't done anything wrong if you consider the fact that FNC was the one that put out misinformed articles about him as if they were fact. FNC needs to admit that they put out false articles and apologize to both Jung Yonghwa and his fans for putting them through this ordeal.

5. [+1,342, -60] Ugh he acts like such a thug

6. [+1,316, -68] He's honestly so off putting to me that I can't even stand to watch any of the shows he's on...

7. [+1,158, -68] He has no right to talk as someone who put Jung Yonghwa up to take all of the bullets for the company

8. [+975, -58] Don't act like you've ever done anything for your artists...

9. [+926, -48] If FNC is the top 3 in anything, it's the top 3 worst agencies ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+522, -26] Han Sung Ho needs to stop writing lyrics, at least for the sake of the fans. He's ruined so many lyrics by Jung Yonghwa and FT Island, and if that wasn't worse, he even messed up AOA's lyrics too. Stop it.

11. [+525, -30] You realize you are the biggest issue with this company?

12. [+274, -20] You are the most controversial figure in your company


Source: Nate

1. [+564, -60] So apparently the reason Jung Yonghwa was acquitted was because he bought his stocks a week before news of Yoo Jae Suk joining the agency got out ㅋㅋㅋㅋ whereas Lee Jonghyun bought it after he received a phone call two days before the info got out, which is why he was penalized ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+510, -16] You need to stay quiet

3. [+49, -17] Jung Yonghwa was acquitted because the stocks he bought was a part of his contract. Evidence showed that he didn't buy the stocks with the intention of knowing about Yoo Jae Suk. Yoo Jae Suk just happened to join the company a week after he bought his stocks, as per his contract terms. Lee Jonghyun received a call from another staff the morning of Yoo Jae Suk joining and bought his stock before the stock market opened. News of Yoo Jae Suk happened at around 9 AM but he bought it before then. Police found evidence of his phone call with the staff and both he and the staff paid the penalty for it. Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jonghyun are two different cases.

4. [+45, -15] Han Sung Ho needs to apologize to Jung Yonghwa, and Lee Jonghyun who is the real culprit of stock fraud needs to apologize as well. I want Lee Jonghyun to leave CNBLUE.

5. [+44, -12] Buying stocks was a part of Jung Yonghwa's contract terms with FNC. It was Lee Jonghyun who received illegal information from a higher up of FNC. Only 2-3 people in the company knew of Yoo Jae Suk joining and one of them called Lee Jonghyun in the morning to give him that information. He then bought his stocks before the market opened, which is why he was penalized. However, FNC used Jung Yonghwa as the face of this entire scandal. The media plastered his name and face all over the public while Lee Jonghyun was kept private until the end. Jung Yonghwa is not the one to blame in this scandal. The problem is the agency for not clarifying any of this. Please check all of this information for yourself on the Seoul police homepage before you leave hate comments again.

6. [+21, -0] You're the worst, you thug

7. [+21, -2] Such an odd agency where you have to turn a profit to start getting paid.... AOA didn't get paid until their 5th single...

8. [+20, -7] Jung Yonghwa bought his stocks according to the terms of his contract renewal. The police confirmed it with texts between the company. FNC then used Jung Yonghwa as a shield to cover for the real culprits in the company who committed stock fraud. I feel so bad for him... basically used the innocent to hide the guilty.

9. [+14, -0] What do you expect from an agency with a CEO like him... tsk tsk

10. [+14, -0] Just looking at his face makes me hate him, he looks so malicious and petty



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