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Monday, December 19, 2016

Dispatch's list of top 9 'golden spoon' idols

Article: "No wonder they looked so privileged" Top 9 golden spoon idols

Source: Dispatch HD via Nate

1. Tzuyu - mother is a major hospital stockholder
2. Sooyoung - grandfather owns a famous architecture company, father is also CEO of a trading company
3. Umji - father is a famous CEO of dentist group
4. Choi Siwon - father is a former CEO of a children's apparel company, mother owns a lingerie brand
5. Kyuhyun - father owns a famous after school academy
6. Nichkhun - mother is the CEO of a drug company, father is the CEO of a trading company
7. Park Hyungshik - father is a director at a German import car company (Mercedes Benz)
8. Mark - father is currently retired but former businessman
9. Ten - attended an international school in Thailand that costs 200 million won for 10 years


1. [+939, -20] The biggest golden spoon is Jung Yoora

2. [+614, -9] Sigh... I want to get off work already..

3. [+611, -14] Aigoo... pointless

4. [+51, -4] We all only live one life and some get to be born into wealthy families and get all the perks and privileges while others are born into devastating poverty... sometimes I think there really can't be a god. And if there is a heaven, I bet it has more rich people there since the rate of crime is higher with the impoverished.

5. [+30, -2] Even celebrities can't survive the trainee period unless they come from rich families. How can you compete against other trainees with families rich enough to just pay their way for every opportunity? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just look at that face of that Girlfriend member, the daughter of a dentist group ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+28, -0] I hope all of them remember that they're where they are now because of their parents and always remember to be humble

7. [+23, -0] I'm not jealous but something about reading this just makes me feel depressed

8. [+22, -0] From Jung Yoora to all these golden spoon controversies... we shouldn't be praising these golden spoons anymore, we should be spotlighting the celebrities who worked to get to where they are from the bottom up. What is the point of giving more attention to these golden spoons? It only makes the rest of us born under poor parents feel bad about our situations by comparison. It's sad that our society thinks something like this is news worthy.



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