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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

B1A4's Baro takes a selca with his Namjoo-lookalike little sister?

Article: B1A4 Baro, close selca with beautiful little sister 'superior genes'

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+328, -15] Thought she was A Pink's Kim Namjoo...

2. [+255, -15] Thought that was Kim Namjoo

3. [+170, -13] So much photoshop and bright lighting that I can only make out their eyes, nose, and lips

4. [+20, -8] There was an article about his dongsaeng yesterday too.. looks like she's preparing to debut

5. [+16, -3] Baro needs to fix his attitude some

6. [+16, -9] Did he fix his personality yet?

7. [+15, -2] Why do girls always pucker their lips like a chicken's butthole in pictures all the time???

8. [+14, -1] Whenever I see girls with lips like that in selcas, I want to slap them right there on the lips ㅋ

9. [+13, -5] I thought she was A Pink's Namjoo

10. [+10, -2] Based on the picture alone, she's a total replica of Namjoo from the eyes, nose, and lips down to the hair style...

11. [+9, -1] The power of a woman's selca ㅎㅎㅎㅎ On her Facebook selcas, she looks more like Yoona but I never believed it. Definitely looks more like Namjoo here than Yoona though.

12. [+7, -1] This is her Instagram She looks like Namjoo here but she is pretty if you look at her other pictures... maybe it's just her selcas but she looks like Krystal + Yoona to me..



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