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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Actress Um Ji Won rude to Kang Dong Won?

Article: Um Ji Won's disrespectful statement "Kang Dong Won is not humble even after his movie flopped" 

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

While talking about tickets selling out for their 'Master' showcase, the MC mentioned that the standing seats sold out in a minute while the designated seats sold in 14 minutes. Kang Dong Won said, "The designated seats took a while," to which Um Ji Won laughed and replied, "You still aren't humble even after your movie flopped."


1. [+1,265, -95] As if she has any hit movies of her own? Who does she think she is to say that?

2. [+1,815, -93] Lady, your movie is flopping too

3. [+1,098, -80] Even if it's just a joke between them, they're still on a public platform. What does that make all of the people who still went to watch and enjoyed the movie? Must be upsetting for Kang Dong Won fans...

4. [+79, -5] Women like her always get mad when you fire back at them like "Ji Won-ssi, your movie is flopping too" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I've come to realize that the people who aren't afraid to dish out hateful words to others almost always get mad when they get the same treatment back.

5. [+68, -7] That's rich coming from someone who doesn't have any popularity or a hit movie of her own..

6. [+66, -5] Doesn't matter how close you are, keep jokes like that in private

7. [+58, -6] The one who needs to be humble is you

8. [+46, -4] If humility is based off of a movie's success, then she needs to be super humble... ㅋ

9. [+39, -3] It's embarrassing to even call her an actress considering she has not one successful movie to her name while Kang Dong Won has several successful works and maybe one or two flops



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