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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sungso gets festive for 'Marie Claire'

Article: 'Trend' Cosmic Girls Sungso, 'Christmas elf' pictorial

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,301, -144] We need to stop supporting Chinese idols... especially with China banning Hallyu over there

2. [+1,046, -111] A lot of the foreign idols have bad Korean but hers is especially bad... she has a talking part in a CF and I thought she was speaking in Chinese

3. [+1,109, -153] Shouldn't we be banning Chinese idols from TV too?

4. [+920, -98] China's banning Hallyu so why is Korea supporting Chinese stars ^-^

5. [+810, -65] China even kicked out Song Joong Ki with their anti-Hallyu movement...

6. [+349, -27] Stop supporting foreign stars and start supporting our own country's kids

7. [+322, -26] Why is she the main??? Stop supporting Chinese kids ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+313, -24] With China banning Hallyu, why is it that Koreans are promoting a Chinese idol and calling her a trend?

9. [+237, -18] I'm fine with companies debuting foreign idols but at least pick ones that can speak Korean at Sana's level... I saw her KT CF the other day and it totally sounded like she was just imitating sounds someone told her to make;;

10. [+287, -38] Victoria, Joo Kyulkyung, and Fei speak like Koreans but Sungso's Korean is so bad... Tzuyu just does as she's told on varieties. If you're going to promote, please learn how to speak Korean.

11. [+165, -17] She'll never get any more popular because she can't speak Korean

12. [+128, -8] I saw her CF and had no idea what she was saying

13. [+140, -19] We've supported Sungso enough, start supporting Korean idols. Eunseo is pretty, and Bona is decent too

14. [+111, -11] She's fine but needs to fix her pronunciation. You can tell right away she's Chinese, which I never got from Victoria. She'll be alright as long as she fixes that.

15. [+74, -2] She kind of looks like Lee Min Ho...?