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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sulli updates SNS and apologizes for causing worry

Article: 'Self harm rumors' Seoul University Hospital reps, "She came to the ER drunk"

Source: The Fact via Nate

1. [+2,658, -66] Aigoo... such a shame. Whether she's really unstable or she's just a free spirit, I honestly think she's in need of some help. She needs consultation, or anything...

2. [+2,377, -97] So Sulli denies self harm but the doctor thought there was probably cause, right?

3. [+777, -39] I really hope there's no one naive enough to think all of this was a simple accident. There are only so many 'accidents' that can result in a wrist injury, either a sprain or a fracture... and what kind of a doctor would ask if you attempted to commit suicide over a wrist sprain or fracture? And who would actually deny that it was a suicide attempt if the doctor didn't ask about it in the first place? The doctor saw that Sulli was drunk, he saw her wrist cut, and asked if she attempted suicide, and Sulli said no... so start using your brains and connect the dots here on what happened.

4. [+194, -1] So basically the doctor saw signs of a suicide attempt but she herself denied it

5. [+168, -3] "Sulli herself said that she had not attempted to commit suicide" This part is important because it shows that her injury showed signs of a suicide attempt, not just a simple sprain or fracture. So obviously the doctor had to ask her if she made an attempt which is why Sulli herself denied it.

6. [+142, -4] Choiza-ya, please take care of her

7. [+124, -0] Who knows what will happen to her if she doesn't get mental help right now... once a person starts self harming, there's a high chance they'll continue it and ruin their lives...

8. [+109, -4] We can tell from her selcas alone that she's not in a sane state of mind... it just shows that celebrities don't live the flashy lives we think they do

9. [+107, -2] Judging from previous articles, it seems she slit her wrist while drunk...

10. [+99, -1] A Seoul University Hospital rep said on the 24th, "Actress Sulli came to the ER with a 5 cm long cut on her wrist. The cut was deep enough where we could see her tendon. She received emergency care and an X-ray after."

11. [+98, -11] Her parents are so bad at taking care of their own kid

12. [+94, -3] 100% self harm... she seems to be crying out for attention. Did she really grow up with no love or what? Such a weak mentality... no wonder she can't control herself and acts however she wants or feels. I doubt Choiza will ever marry her... she has a lot of selcas that look like she took by herself, alone in her home with a timer on her camera... Choiza needs to break up with her if he's not going to marry her.

13. [+82, -3] The problem with self harm is that it will happen again

14. [+77, -0] No one around Sulli seems to genuinely care about her

15. [+79, -2] There have been more celebrities lately being open about receiving mental treatments. I hope that she'll try it and come out more stable. I know she debuted at a young age and went through so many difficulties before falling in love, and I get that that love may seem like the most important thing in the world but she needs to learn that there is nothing more important than yourself.


Article: [Official] Sulli, "I got injured in accident... sorry for worrying you" direct clarification

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+12,310, -467] Get well soon, and Park Geun Hye needs to hurry and resign

2. [+9,919, -453] Nah, nothing to be sorry to us for

3. [+6,600, -371] You're the one who's hurt, what's there to be sorry about... get better soon!

4. [+4,910, -490] Don't focus on the hateful rumors~

5. [+7,557, -1,664] I'm glad that you weren't hurt and that there were no ill intentions but I really do hope that you'll get your mental health checked out for your sake. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just giving you advice as a fellow human being.

6. [+2,421, -86] Choiza-ya, it's moments like these where your presence is needed. Not on TV where you chat about your relationship with her, moments like now where she's hurt and so rumors are swirling around her. You need to step up and say that you two are okay, it's the least you can do as her lover... I don't know what's going on between you two but if you two really are still dating, you need to step up. Start acting your age...

7. [+1,822, -96] I'm a 40 year old ajumma and my advice to you is... don't do all this over a man

8. [+1,614, -53] After observing Choiza's SNS pattern and the way he talks, he seems like the type to not hold back when he wants to speak his mind... but the fact that he knows that there are all these hateful comments and rumors going around about Sulli and he hasn't said one word of clarification while instead using her for fame on TV shows just makes me think that he has manipulated this young girl and tamed her into what he wants with her.

9. [+1,590, -65] Sulli-ya, even people who grew up lacking love and affection from their own families can still mature into people who love themselves and their jobs, as stable people deserving of love. You're such a beautiful girl, why do you live such an unstable life?

10. [+1,356, -77] Sulli-ssi, you're still young and I know you're at an age where everything can hurt and be so difficult but from a third perspective, you're also such a beautiful, young soul. Your difficulties now will pass and you will be happier so fighting!


Source: Nate

1. [+1,018, -161] Choiza... this damn rapper has-been... ripping him apart is not enough ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ let Sulli go if you're going to treat her like this!!!!!

2. [+986, -67] I'm genuinely worried for her... she really needs to get her mental health checked out. I suffer from a panic disorder myself and I see early symptoms of it in Sulli... :(

3. [+910, -152] The fact that she's still in a state of mind where she thinks uploading an SNS selca is appropriate in this situation... her brain's lost in andromeda. Even a choding would know better than to act this embarrassingly.

4. [+62, -2] Sulli-ya, the friends who are with you now in your moments of need are your real friends. If you ever cut contact with any of them because they tried to lecture you or anything, please get back in contact with them.

5. [+58, -3] What are her parents doing? If my early twenties daughter had to go to the ER because she was drunk and injured her wrist, shouldn't they yell at her for being so careless and to wake up!

6. [+51, -3] Even if you get a little cut on your foot, the hospital will put some type of ointment on you. That wrist doesn't look like it was treated at a hospital ER at all. Seems like she put up an older selca for damage control.

7. [+41, -4] This article sounds like rushed media play from her company ㅋㅋㅋ do they think it would work?

8. [+40, -5] Is anyone really naive enough to think that Sulli merely injured herself in an accident? An interview with someone at the hospital said that Sulli arrived in drunk and when they asked her if she had attempted suicide, she said no. Normally when you're drunk, you lose moments of proper judgment and make mistakes. If it was a simple wrist injury, why would the doctor have even asked her if she had attempted to commit suicide in the first place? The Chosun Ilbo exclusive article says that she had a 5 cm cut on her wrist, which means she didn't just sprain it somewhere in a simple injury. The fact that she's putting up a selca now means that she changed Choiza's mind. Of course Choiza has to go back to a girlfriend who tried to commit suicide over him.

9. [+39, -0] But what is there to get injured over while drunk... did she break a soju bottle with her wrist or something??

10. [+30, -5] Everyone keeps blaming Choiza but Sulli's personality has always been like this, a hardcore fan of hers that quit dished out about it

11. [+27, -4] That picture's probably something she had saved from before ㅡㅡ does anyone really think she took that today?

12. [+26, -2] I honestly think her parents are more the problem than her... what are they doing in all of this?