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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Park Yoochun requests to attend A's trial as a witness

Article: [Exclusive] Park Yoochun submits application to attend A's sexual assault trial as a witness

Source: Biz Enter via Nate

1. [+973, -62] I forgot about this ba$tard. Sorry we haven't been paying attention to you with all that's been going on. You continue enjoying your sex life you public service ba$tard.

2. [+812, -51] He probably has enough to live off of with the Gangnam buildings he owns for the rest of his life anyway. Just don't dream of ever coming back as a celebrity~

3. [+812, -52] Hey, it's been a while~ After dealing with Park Geun Hye and Choi Soon Shil, I've realized that your scandal is nothing compared to them ㅋ Enjoy yourself and don't bother coming back to TV ㅎㅎ

4. [+54, -9] Him and Kim Hyun Joong have made me realize that you can never judge a celebrity by what they show on the outside. Who knew that the guy who shed tears over talking about his dongsaeng had a toilet fetish;;;

5. [+46, -8] I really don't see why Park Yoochun should get hate. He's not the only one in this world who enjoys sexual things like him. What's worse are the dirty kkot-baems who try to use his celebrity status to rip money off of him. There needs to be stronger consequences for the kkot-baems!

6. [+36, -8] What a reminder that there have been so many idiots we've had to deal with this year

7. [+30, -7] His scandal was completely buried by Choi Soon Shil ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+26, -5] Hey, can you go wait in the bathroom for a second, the rest of us are busy dealing with Park Geun Hye right now

9. [+26, -4] What a waste of a handsome face, sigh

10. [+19, -4] Why if it isn't Mr. Toilet lover



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