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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

[Pann] Taeyeon's change in her lip corners?

Pann: Taeyeon's lip corners currently under controversy

1. [+358, -63] That's honestly a bit scary

2. [+291, -46] So shocked over the screencaps. Look at her other pictures, her lip corners are all the new one now..

3. [+274, -27] She seems to get consistent plastic surgery..

4. [+169, -16] She consistently gets bits of plastic surgery here and there. I wonder why when she's so pretty already.

5. [+155, -12] The same angle comparing her early debut to present. Her nose bridge and the end of her nose are a lot sharper now, right?

6. [+151, -30] Now she really looks like Jo Kwon

7. [+133, -13] She 100% got her lip corners done

8. [+107, -14] I noticed her nose moreso than her lips... all I could notice was the two different sizes of her nostrils, it was so obvious

9. [+106, -17] All I noticed was her nose.. ㅋ

10. [+83, -15] So shocked over how different she looks in her music video

11. [+73, -3] Why does she fix her face so little by little... it's going to come crumbling down sooner or later

12. [+57, -4] She was her prettiest during 'Lion Heart'.. then she began getting her double eyelids done and now even her lip corners..

13. [+85, -104] Taeyeon's lip corners always went since her early debut. Her bottom tooth is twisted and she got it fixed which made her bottom jaw line go in more and make her look thinner and make her lip corners look more pronounced. And can't most people make their lip corners go up just by themselves? She looked the same as her debut on her V app live today but people are making a fuss over nothing.
- What you're saying is right but not the last part, she looks different from her debut ㅋㅋ
- The lip corners here look totally different from her current lip corners..;
- You're trying so hard when we already know she's fixed her face little by little

14. [+53. -3] Honestly when Taeyeon was natural, there was no better face than that, I don't know why she kept fixing it... I saw her Banila Co ad on YouTube and while she did get prettier, her new thickened double eyelids was so off putting to watch..

15. [+53, -8] I clicked in thinking how much could've really changed but it does look like she did get em done



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