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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

[Pann] BTS V under controversy for disrespectful action to a fan?

Instiz: BTS V, between fan service and disrespect

Article talks about a controversial gif that has been going around of V lifting up a fan's hair at a fan signing. Despite the fan clarifying that she's a longtime fan and that they were just joking around and that she did not feel disrespected or hurt by it at all, some think he was still acting out of line by behaving like that with a fan.


"The fan herself said she was okay, so what's the issue..."

"All of you can think whatever you want because this is so frustrating. Us fans know that Taehyung is nice so we'll be happy on our own with each other. What's the point of explaining a hundred times over when everyone refuses to listen."

"Even if the fan said it was okay, it doesn't turn something that is disrespectful into something that it was okay."

"I feel so bad for V, really only takes a moment for people to judge your entire character based off of a few seconds of a gif."

"I think the article was well written. The controversy only became as big as it did because people were demanding a handwritten apology. If everyone was of the opinion that just because the fan said it was okay makes what he did okay, then 3rd parties would never get to have an opinion and I don't think fans should be demanding the journalist to apologize for the article either then."

"People seem to think 'the fan said it was okay' is a magic cure-all and yeah, if she was okay with what he did, then the rest of us can't really say anything but I still don't think this is the type of action you do to a fan that you love and cherish. I actually think it's disrespectful for even close friends to do this to each other."

"I'm a BTS fan myself and I think he was being disrespectful. However, he should not be accused of violence like some are saying. It's obvious that he's just playing around with her and the fan herself said she was okay. I understand that this type of action is not okay between anyone, fan and singer or not, and I hope that he's more careful next time. As for demanding an apology, none of us have the right to demand one unless we're the fan herself."

"Seeing as how the member next to him looks like he's trying to stop him obviously means that others don't think it was okay of him to do that either."

"Everyone keeps saying the fan was okay with it but when it first happened, she was tweeting about how she had a mental breakdown and how shocked she was that he did that to her and it was only after the scandal grew big that she put up another post saying she was okay and that they're close in order to shield him. Since when was it okay to grab your fan by the hair just because you're close? Even the member next to him was trying to stop him. You do not just grab someone by the hair because you're close."

"If you look at the action of him grabbing her hair alone, yeah it's disrespectful and even the member next to him is trying to stop him. However, the fan said she was okay and even said she didn't want this scandal to spread so I think it should just end here."


Pann: Idol currently under controversy

"He treated his fan like this when she came all the way to their fan signing and bought their album. The gif is currently controversial all over male and female community sites. Even the member next to him seems to think it's too much and tries to stop him. The fan herself even posted about how she thought it was wrong at first but then changed her story when she realized how much hate V was getting."

1. [+331, -326] There's this too;;; I've never seen a celebrity act so disrespectfully at a fan signing

2. [+294, -106] Well the fan gave feedback herself saying she was okay

3. [+245, -224] What the... looks like he's grabbing an onion out of the ground by the root

4. [+181, -139] Even the member next to him tries to stop him

5. [+147, -14] That fan is a longtime fan of BTS and he recognized her because he hadn't seen her in a while. He didn't grab her hair, just slightly pulled it up and down and then patted her on the head again. An EXO fan with 3,600 followers who had no idea what was even going on cut out that part of the gif and started spreading it, which got 5,000 retweets and 3 posts on the top of Pann. The fan then gave feedback saying they're close, it was just a joke, and she was fine, but the gif had already spread wide and far and people were attacking V by accusing him of dating violence and misogyny, which started spreading into the female only community sites. Then someone posted another example of SISTAR's Bora pulling up a fan's hair at a fan signing and people started arguing why it's okay for a female idol to do it but not a male idol which involved the male community sites. One of V's big fansites got pissed with all the hate being thrown at V and started preparing a lawsuit. The EXO fan then apologized for starting the whole post in the first place, and EXO fans got mad at BTS fans for bringing them into the drama which BTS fans fought back by saying it was your fan who started this whole thing.


Pann: Am I the only one who doesn't get why V's getting hate for that fan signing?

1. [+48, -1] I'm not a BTS fan but I saw him stroke her head at the end and thought she hit jackpot... It's not even like he pulled out her hair, he just held it up and shook it around a bit ㅋㅋㅋ and the fan said it was okay, which should make it all okay, but I think this whole thing got more controversial just because it's BTS

2. [+47, -9] It's because BTS is doing so well and people are mad that their own groups are doing sh*t so they have to find a reason to drag them down

3. [+46, -1] So obvious they're just joking around... why maliciously edit a gif like that without any explanation?

4. [+21, -0] As an Army, I'm sad that Taehyung is not going to act all close with his fans anymore because this is really his personal way of showing affection...

5. [+15, -0] Furthermore, the gif was sped up.. he didn't actually shake her hair that fast or hard



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