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Monday, November 28, 2016

Lee Se Young issues handwritten apology to B1A4 over scandal

Article: 'Sexual harassment controversy' Lee Se Young writes handwritten apology "I'm sorry for my wrong action, I will reflect"

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+3,132, -151] If a man had touched a woman's chest or private part, an apology or being taken off a show would not fly, he would've been thrown in jail ㅡㅡ;;

2. [+2,467, -192] I'm a woman and was horrified at what she did. Really disappointed... her letter doesn't even sound genuine.

3. [+2,361, -199] If you mean it, take yourself off all your shows. If you were a man, you would've been exiled.

4. [+2,050, -224] This is an opportunity to bring to light the reverse discrimination against men. Of course the women's organizations will never mention any of this.

5. [+1,898, -388] Did she copy Tiffany's apology letter

6. [+382, -17] It's even more shocking that this wasn't the first time this happened. It happened with other hosts but it's this scandal that blew it all up.

7. [+418, -37] Jang Dong Min had to cry while giving his public apology at a press conference but Lee Se Young gets away with one letter ㅋ she'd be exiled if she was a man

8. [+337, -11] Even as a fellow woman I agree that this shouldn't be swept under the rug. Her apology doesn't sound genuine at all.

9. [+283, -17] Just take yourself off air and don't bother coming back to the industry before you get reported for real and end up in jail.

10. [+254, -8] Can't believe she was dumb enough to even think that was appropriate, has she been living under a rock?

11. [+265, -15] Reflecting doesn't exempt you from punishment

12. [+202, -4] Of course her apology doesn't state exactly what she did wrong as with all apologies lately... This isn't about gender, it's about touching someone else's private body part without permission as a joke and how wrong that is

13. [+210, -7] Since when were we so lenient with sexual harassment?

14. [+198, -17] So that's it? A man ends up in jail but a woman can get away with a letter apology? Talk about double standards ㅋ

15. [+149, -12] She calls that an apology? As a B1A4 fan, this whole thing disgusts me so please take yourself off air.



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