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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kyungri reveals a time she turned down a male celebrity's advances

Article: 'Happy Together' Kyungri, "A man who hit on me got into a dating scandal not too long after"

Source: TV Report via Nate

When asked if she was ever hit on by other celebrities, Kyungri replied, "There was one person who asked a member unni to introduce me to him. The unni asked me if that was alright but I said no. That person was pretty cocky and acted as if I had no right to turn him down. Then he got into a dating scandal not too long after."

1. [+813, -62] Zico??

2. [+695, -66] Zico's trash

3. [+694, -59] Z C?

4. [+139, -8] On the show 'Brave Journalists', they talked about a male celebrity A who would go around dating only the ace members of all the girl groups. He'd go out for drinks with friends and talk about all their chest sizes or how toned they were or how flexible one was despite being short.

5. [+121, -14] If it really is Zico, he's an a$$

6. [+108, -14] So that's why that trash Zico said it wasn't his first...

7. [+98, -20] I feel like an older man would've hit on Zico than a kid like Zico. Kyungri has always said that Zico was her ideal type, why would she turn him down like that?

8. [+93, -40] I don't think it's Zico since she always said on TV shows that he was her ideal type. Why would she turn him down if he wanted to ask her out through another unni? It's probably someone else

9. [+75, -9] Why are people only bringing up Zico ㅋㅋ

10. [+60, -15] Zico is her ideal type, wouldn't she have been like "oh yeah!" if he asked her out?

11. [+51, -13] It's Tony, you idiots, why bring up poor Zico into this

12. [+45, -5] It's not Zico, she said so herself that she liked him

13. [+43, -2] She didn't drop any hints on what his job or age were so why are people sure it's Zico?



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