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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kahi shows off her post pregnancy body

Article: "45 days since giving birth" Kahi reveals her body after birth of son

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+927, -55] Wow~~ your body looks amazing for just 45 days after you gave birth~~ well that's the type of comment she's fishing for so I'll write one for her~

2. [+772, -119] She's so unlikable

3. [+569, -25] "I'm currently receiving physical therapy for my hip bones which were widened and twisted during birth" <--- wow, the pains of child birth is no joke

4. [+77, -5] Just knowing that she wants to prove that she looks good even after giving birth is off putting..

5. [+68, -15] Seeing her stomach, her body isn't anything to brag about yet... is she that confident in it..?

6. [+55, -8] Is she an attention wh*re too? Focus on raising your kid instead of working out on your body

7. [+49, -4] Ugh, so sick of all these celebrity b*tches posting up their bodies right after giving birth like it's a must do. We all know they're only looking for one answer.

8. [+44, -3] Doesn't seem like a body worth posting about yet

9. [+44, -3] I'm sure her husband and her family must looove whenever she posts her body up like this, tsk tsk. She should focus on her health rather than losing her post maternity weight as fast as possible! It's so bad for your health

10. [+38, -5] It's obvious she posted it to hear compliments... but you have to admit her waist has gotten thicker. She should just focus on staying quiet and raising her kid after giving birth...


Source: Naver

1. [+166, -16] Keep these pictures to yourself~

2. [+76, -9] Does she have OCD? It wouldn't hurt for her to take a few months for recovery and take it slow with the work outs.

3. [+33, -4] I don't think her body is anything worth bragging about yet... ^^

4. [+40, -7] So what? All she did was work out instead of look after her kid? Why would she bother posting this?

5. [+31, -4] "Look at how amazing my body looks after giving birth *^^*" is that what she wanted to say?

6. [+45, -9] For as disturbed the country is right now, she should keep photos like this private with her friends and family



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