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Thursday, November 3, 2016

JYP denies rumors of Suzy leaving miss A

Article: JYP reps, "Suzy leaving miss A, member changes? Unfounded rumors"

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+751, -42] Looks like someone's trying to pull Suzy out, but JYP's not dumb enough to just let that happen

2. [+689, -108] Suzy originally became an idol because she fell in love with dancing in middle school. One of the reasons she got popular in the first place was for her dancing. It's a waste to just transition her into acting full time.

3. [+614, -36] Well, what is miss A without Suzy anyway...

4. [+45, -8] I never felt that Suzy's acting improved but her singing has improved a ton. I've listened to 'Dream' and her recent solo so many times already... I think 'Dorihwaga' really helped open up her voice. I wish she'll continue singing...

5. [+44, -11] The other three of miss A have had a free ride long enough

6. [+40, -2] Didn't that Jia member leave? And the members are doing their own things now, it pretty much seems like a disbandment

7. [+32, -7] Let Suzy make her own decisions. She suffered all this time only to be dividing her money with the other members... Go give Jo Kwon, Min, and Fei their own co-ed group and give Suzy the separate attention she deserves.

8. [+29, -9] I mean, she's pretty much out of the group, just not officially...

9. [+23, -0] Isn't miss A in a similar case with 4minute...? In that they're a one man team, really

10. [+20, -1] The thing about JYP's media play is that it's always the same. They'll say it's unfounded rumors now but it ends up being true later. Last year they said WG's comeback as a band was unfounded and then it was true a couple weeks later.

11. [+20, -3] Seems like some other companies are trying to pull Suzy out since her contract expires next year

12. [+19, -6] miss A is just Suzy and two back dancers anyway.... no point in any of them staying in the group



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