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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Jung Ga Eun doesn't see why her breastfeeding picture was so controversial

Article: Jung Ga Eun, "I don't understand why my breastfeeding picture was such a problem"

Source: X Sports News via Nate

"Even now, I don't know why that picture is such a problem. It's a picture that I uploaded because I felt like I had really become a mother. People think that I rested the baby on top of a table but I actually put the baby on top of a breastfeeding cushion."

1. [+1,910, -343] The fact that you don't know why it's a problem is a problem

2. [+1,692, -307] She still doesn't get it, why would you ever upload that picture when you can just share it privately with your family?

3. [+1,443, -269] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You're the only one who doesn't know

4. [+153, -33] Okay, so in a natural picture of a baby breastfeeding, why are you sticking out your lips like that? For the camera? The picture wouldn't be as controversial if you were looking at the baby with a smile on your face

5. [+124, -27] She seems to think there's no issue since she's just feeding her baby after all but it's embarrassing for the rest of us to have to look at it. Even people who breastfeed in public use cover ups, those products are there for a reason... it's etiquette to be mindful of the others around you.

6. [+122, -29] Okay, then go out in the middle of Seoul and breastfeed in public like that ^^

7. [+107, -22] I'm a breastfeeding mother too... but I really don't see the need to upload it on a public space like SNS for everyone to see. I even cover myself when I breastfeed in front of my own mother or mother-in-law..

8. [+105, -28] If you don't get it, then read the comments. I guess her family or her husband doesn't say anything?

9. [+81, -22] Well it's not our job to have to see something we don't want to see

10. [+43, -16] If my wife uploaded a picture like this on SNS or Kakao Talk... I'd be speechless, she'd look like an attention wh*re



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