Hollywood: Cruz Beckham

Article: Beckham's maknae son to debut as a singer "the second Bieber"

Source: Herald Pop via Naver [original source]

1. [+3,928, -27] What isn't possible for this family... they have it all, from looks to wealth

2. [+3,285, -34] The fact that he was born with Beckham's genes ㅋㅋ guarantees you a lifetime of physical prowess, good looks, wealth... and if he's a good singer on top of that, is he just perfection?;;;

3. [+2,218, -17] This family...

4. [+1,835, -35] Just don't take after your dad's voice...

5. [+1,117, -21] Cruz is seriously so cute ♡ he'll be really handsome when he grows up

6. [+222, -4] Victoria gives off a very cold, selfish, and chic impression, the type that seems like she'd only care about her looks... but she gave birth to and raised four great children, takes care of her husband well, and has had a long marriage compared to other foreign stars. She seems like a great woman.

7. [+115, -3] He looks the most like Beckham out of the three brothers

8. [+102, -1] It's ironic how all the boys in this family took after their mother while maknae daughter Harper is the only one who took after the father

9. [+94, -0] I honestly think Victoria's the best wife. Beckham's so lucky ㅠ

10. [+74, -2] Yeah, if you have a golden spoon, just flaunt it openly like this, unlike a certain someone who actually believes she has a talent for horseback riding when it turns out she actually has a talent for riding men in high school ㅋㅋ