YG plans Big Bang, Black Pink, and AkMu for November

Article: [Exclusive] Big Bang, Black Pink, and AkMu to come out in November.. 'so hot' YG line up

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+428, -17] I won't believe it until I see Big Bang on TV with my own two eyes ^_^........

2. [+407, -37] I hope that Big Bang has a great promo run in November, and even if it's a loss for YG, I'd rather they all enlist in the army together and comeback again with impact. To the public, two years go by fast.

3. [+326, -17] I always say this but you can never believe YG until the teasers are actually out

4. [+21, -4] When's Winner....

5. [+19, -1] Only the E has been released out of Winner's annual EXIT project and no more updates after that

6. [+15, -3] So in non-YG terms, their comebacks will early next year, right? Got it

7. [+13, -0] I bet YG is saying Big Bang's comeback is in November so that other companies shift their comebacks around and then YG will just put out Black Pink for them to win #1 and media play the crap out of it

8. [+12, -0] Anyone actually believe this?

9. [+11, -1] YG said Big Bang would comeback but pushed it 2 years, said the 'female SNSD' would debut but pushed it back 5 years, said Lee Hi would comeback but pushed it back 2 years... don't believe anything they say unless teasers are out

10. [+6, -0] Surely they mean November 2017