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Thursday, October 6, 2016

With an SES comeback in the works, can fans hope for a FinKL reunion too?

Article: FinKL, are you watching? SES is on the move

Source: Oh my News via Naver

1. [+2,159, -42] FinKL's Lee Jin is currently living in America for her newlywed life so I don't think it'll be so easy for them to reunite

2. [+1,635, -83] Can't wait~~! Don't compare them to FinKL, I just want SES to come out with a great song~

3. [+1,336, -110] I do want to see a FinKL comeback too though... the top 4 HOT, SES, Sechs Kies, and FinKL

4. [+868, -58] So happy lately to see all the first generation idol groups coming back... ah, nostalgia

5. [+244, -5] SES fan here but please leave FinKL alone. They'll reunite whenever they're ready or prefer to be left as a memory. The members are all living their own lives now and they shouldn't be pressured into coming back if they don't want to just because Sechs Kies and SES are.

6. [+240, -8] Just love how Koreans are always sticking their noses in other's businesses like "she's doing it, why aren't you?"

7. [+154, -5] Leave FinKL alone, the members are all living according to their own circumstances withg ood reason..

8. [+185, -34] I highly doubt FinKL will ever reunite... they were infamous back then for their issues with one another. The members are all living on their own now, why would they want to bring back past grudges by having to get back together when they don't have to?

9. [+84, -11] It'd be great if FinKL could but they were never known for being as close as SES was. They had a lot of religious disputes within the group. I'm pretty sure Lee Hyori was the only atheist member.

10. [+114, -24] A FinKL reunion will be difficult... SES was never a "business relationship", they maintained their friendship for 20 years while the FinKL members never looked back once the group disbanded. If FinKL were to ever reunite, it'd be obvious that they were only getting together for business opportunities, not for friendship.

11. [+90, -17] FinKL didn't even attend each other's weddings, a reunion is impossible.

12. [+35, -3] Lee Hyori said honestly on 'Totoga' that she hasn't kept in contact with the members in years... they had a lot of issues with their differences in religion and things like drinking... their relationship has never been known to be good



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