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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sohee talks about debuting early and living a life different from her peers

Article: Ahn Sohee, "I debuted at the young age of 14, I've lived a different life from others my age"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+852, -61] But you've earned much more than your talents are worth. Others your age are busy trying to find a way to live right now.

2. [+702, -32] And you've earned a wealth that others your age cannot even dream of

3. [+652, -113] The only awkward actor of 'Train to Busan'....

4. [+42, -8] "A different life"... Sunmi left to focus on college and took a U turn back to singing.. I'm pretty sure that's a sign that your life now is better than the competition that students are facing right now

5. [+39, -2] Others in their mid-twenties are busy graduating college and trying to find a job... compared to them, you've got a fortune that they can't even dream of making in their forties or fifties

6. [+36, -4] Just because you see kids your age studying in school doesn't mean they're all living the same lives. I'm sure you've lost just as much as you've earned by choosing the celebrity path but you've probably earned more than any of those your age.

7. [+27, -5] Didn't you become a celebrity because you wanted a life different from the norm? I don't get why you say this now that you've earned all that you could.

8. [+21, -7] Sohee's not talking about wealth, she's talking about not being able to live a normal life as a human being named Sohee... it's not always about wealth

9. [+17, -2] At least you've made a lot of money

10. [+14, -1] I remember BoA said that she's been lonely all her life. Lived on her own since elementary school and felt lonely in Japan. As the saying goes, the one who wants to wear the crown must learn to carry its weight.



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