Nana celebrates Halloween with After School

Article: "Halloween party" Nana spends a fun Halloween with the After School members

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver

1. [+3,892, -144] This is not the time to be throwing a Halloween party

2. [+3,446, -177] Nana worked so hard on building a positive image with her drama... she shouldn't be like this right now.. Halloween is a foreign holiday. Considering the state our own country is right now... did she not see what was happening in Gwanghwamun yesterday...??

3. [+2,809, -130] This is not the time to be celebrating another country's holiday

4. [+2,682, -125] While our own country is crumbling, what're they doing

5. [+2,385, -118] You really have the peace of mind to be celebrating right now????

6. [+1,300, -33] I don't get why people throw Halloween parties, why don't they throw Hanbok parties instead

7. [+1,323, -41] So thoughtless ㅡㅡ...

8. [+1,197, -24] I like how these dumb clowns are always the first to mourn hashtags when there are terrorist attacks in other countries and celebrate foreign holidays but act like nothing's happening when our own country's going through something bad

9. [+1,088, -22] Not the time to be celebrating Halloween right now...

10. [+1,050, -23] As severe as the state of our country is right now, this isn't the time to be sharing pictures like this... So irresponsible of them.

11. [+797, -15] While others are shivering in the cold outside in protest, these girls are dressed for Halloween throwing parties in clubs

12. [+790, -17] What a mess, aigoo

13. [+760, -19] Nana, you're so pretty but you really need to think before you act. You do realize that it's hard to recover an image that's dragged down, right?

14. [+749, -23] I heard that SM is not holding their Halloween party this year considering the state of the country....

15. [+665, -13] Not the time to be celebrating! Our country's in an emergency state...