KOSC reviews 'date violence' scene in 'Our Kapsoon' as not problematic

Article: KOSC (Korea Communications Standards Commission) says there is no 'dating violence' in drama 'Kapsoon', warns 'K2'

Source: OSEN via Naver

A scene in the drama 'Our Kapsoon' where the female lead attempts to break up with the male lead but he rejects her and then pushes her up against the wall in a forced kiss was reported for evaluation of 'dating violence', but the KOSC said there was no issue with the scene at all.

However, a scene in 'K2' where a character ends up in a brawl with his bodyguards after getting out of the shower (in the nude, but blurred out) for two minutes was deemed inappropriate for a dinner time drama.


1. [+3,100, -124] There was "no issue" with the scene of dating violence???? I was horrified at the scene. He grabbed her by the wrist, held her up against the wall, and forced a kiss on her. She tried to resist before submitting to him eventually... Showing scenes like this is so bad for society, how can they think there's nothing wrong with it?

2. [+2,307, -98] That scene in 'Kapsoon' was deemed okay??? And yet 'K2' was given a warning??

3. [+2,107, -95] That 'K2' scene was just an action scene ㅋㅋ it's not like they were shown naked the entire time. I get that it's an 8 pm family time drama but it's not like the main viewerbase of 'K2' are little kids...

4. [+743, -96] That scene was fully deserving of a warning, I can't believe it didn't get it

5. [+325, -12] So he can pull a woman into an alley way by force and kiss her even though she's crying and saying no and that's okay?????? No wonder we have so many trashy dramas

6. [+313, -9] It's a problem when you force a kiss on someone who's crying and saying no

7. [+293, -13] The KOSC is supporting dating violence;;;

8. [+271, -10] Pushing her up against the wall and kissing her is okay?? It's because of dramas like this that glamorize dating violence that it's so misunderstood in real life. I don't know what the standards are for the KOSC...

9. [+247, -7] I wonder if the panel at KOSC will get it if one of them gets grabbed by someone they hate and has a tongue forced down their throats... this isn't just dating violence, it's sexual assault.

10. [+214, -10] Does the KOSC not realize how big of an issue dating violence is;;?