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Friday, October 14, 2016

[Instiz] Tiffany updates her Instagram stories

Instiz: Tiffany's Instagram in a really severe state

"This is what it must mean to just completely lose respect for someone"

"Does she really not know what she did wrong? I always thought she had deeper thoughts than this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

"I really thought she'd stay off of SNS for at least 6 months..."

"She's addicted"

"Ah, Fany-ya, please stop..."

"She needs attention"

"Why isn't anyone around her saying anything?"

"SM, please restrict her"

"She didn't reflect at all and seems to think uploading an apology means it's over."

"She sure loves Instagram"

"No respect from our country..."

"Never knew she was this type of person..."

"I'm a fan but please..."

"I feel like I'd be too worried to even go on SNS again in case I make another mistake"

"So is Tiffany choosing to live with her ears and eyes closed? It's amazing how she continues to post even when people always put her down for those posts and tell her to reflect"

"She'll never quit SNS..."

"What does reflection mean to you people? That she should quit everything and just sit inside her room all day doing nothing? I'm not sure why this is problematic at all and why people are acting stricter with Tiffany than other stars who've worn the imperial flag on stage. People were way more lenient with them but it's always Tiffany that everyone starts a fuss over."

"I'm surprised there are still people even shielding this"

"Shielding her because she's American is like shielding a Korean who put up a Nazi symbol"

"If she's on SNS, surely she knows how people are reacting to her posts... so why does she insist..."



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