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Thursday, October 6, 2016

[Instiz] Korean graffiti artist making a name for his work of black women in hanbok

Instiz:  Americans abuzz with graffiti of 'Black woman wearing a hanbok'

Graffiti artist 'Royal Dog' has been the topic of the internet for his graffiti work of black women wearing hanbok along with the Korean text 'a flower has bloomed' in four different cities including LA and San Francisco. His instagram with more pictures:


"So pretty"

"Wow, really pretty..."

"Pretty and makes me feel proud"

"Very cool. I've seen a lot of paintings of white women wearing hanboks but this is my first time seeing a black woman in one."

"Hanbok really does look good on any race.."

"I think methods like this are a great way of raising awareness about Korea ㅠㅠ nevermind all those explanations about kimbap being a combo of rice, ham, cucumber, sausa,ge, blah blah blah ㅎㅎㅎ"

"So beautiful..."

"Pretty, I want this as a mural on my wall"

"Wow, there's such an aura to it"

"Makes me want to go see it in real life"

"The quality of the graffiti looks as good enough to be a real picture"

"Goosebumps... the work has still captured the characteristic beauty of black women too"

"Pretty.. love the flower next to her too"



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