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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Davichi's Kang Minkyung looks slightly different?

Article: Davichi Kang Minkyung, slightly different looks

Source: Sports Korea via Nate

1. [+652, -7] Why did she ruin her face..........

2. [+528, -9] Should've stopped while she could, what is she going to do later when she gets older...

3. [+487, -9] It has become an addiction...;;;

4. [+41, -3] Ah... her face is gone now, she was so much prettier before

5. [+30, -2] It's not even a slight change, she's 180 degrees different... the greed of human beings knows no bounds...

6. [+25, -1] First of all, her eyes are the most obvious

7. [+23, -0] Her mouth looks weird too

8. [+22, -0] She was totally my style back then... not anymore. I'm sure men agree with me... I don't know who suggested she should get more work done but it's probably the biggest mistake she's ever made in her life.

9. [+20, -2] I wonder why so many celebrities ruin their faces over that greed to just be a tiny bit prettier than they already are

10. [+20, -2] Daebak!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did she do it!!!!!!!!! She used to be so pretty!!!!!


Source: Daum

1. [+222, -6] She went under the knife again? What a ruin of a pretty face.. ㅠ

2. [+166, -2] What happened to her eyes? She was one beauty that I used to like..

3. [+148, -3] Her eyes are completely ruined

4. [+75, -1] She did something. This isn't Kang Minkyung's face..

5. [+68, -3] Why did you do it...

6. [+53, -1] Look at her face ㅋㅋ Ifeel bad for her... it's the same cycle with every celebrity. They notice how slightly prettier they've become with the first time they go under the knife and keep doing it more and more...

7. [+35, -3] Ahhhh... why did she change so much

8. [+32, -1] Hul... that pretty face is all ruined



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