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Saturday, October 15, 2016

BTS is the first male K-Pop group to hit 20 mill views in the shortest time

Article: BTS is the first K-Pop boy group to hit 20 million views in shortest amount of time

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+2,668, -411] Amazing...

2. [+2,460, -361] Hul... they really must be doing well. They're popular in Korea but I heard they're super popular overseas... I wish them more luck! Spread K-Pop all over the world ^^!

3. [+2,293, -337] Wow BTS, it hasn't even been that longs ince it was released too

4. [+2,034, -339] They've done it!!! So proud of our BTS~~^^ I'll support you lots!!!

5. [+1,899, -315] BTS is the first to hit 20 million views in the shortest amount of time excluding Chinese stats, wow amazing

6. [+473, -50] There's also news that they're the first Korean group to make it on a UK album chart, they're really popular. Congratulations.

7. [+477, -57] Setting records every day~~~

8. [+434, -51] Proud that the world is recognizing BTS



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