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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Actress Lee Sun Bin abuses her dog on 'I Live Alone'?

Article: Lee Sun Bin under controversy for 'abusing her dog', why? "No knowledge of dog care"

Source: Biz Enter via Nate

She was on the show giving her dog stretches by pulling on his legs and having him stand up on two legs to dance with her, which is dangerous for little dogs because it can displace their kneecaps.


1. [+3,623, -189] Well it's obvious that she doesn't know so why not just inform her instead of accusing her of abuse and putting her down. Sigh... so sick of haters;;;

2. [+3,311, -203] I'm a dog owner myself but people need to calm down. This isn't abuse...

3. [+2,884, -221] I'm a dog owner too but some dog owners are hopeless. They think that you have to raise your dog like them and treat it like a king or they put you down and call you an idiot.

4. [+125, -29] But what dog owner hasn't done that with their dog before?

5. [+114, -33] How can you call this abuse? Sometimes dog owners overdo it so hard that it just puts people off from them even more

6. [+90, -9] I remember watching the scene with her dancing with the puppy holding his front legs up and thinking she'd get hate for it and here we go. I do think the word abuse is taking it too far though.

7. [+63, -32] The thing is, small dogs have weak bone structures so you have to be careful with them. I know she means well for the dog but it's basic knowledge that you can injure them easily just like that.

8. [+55, -16] I wouldn't say she's abusing it but I do have to wonder why she even bothered adopting it when she's busy out all day and the dog's stuck at home alone

9. [+46, -18] Women like her who live alone severely lack any dog knowledge because they adopt dogs just to relieve their own loneliness and end up throwing them away later. I wouldn't say she's abusing her dog but you have to admit that what she's doing to it isn't exactly things you'd do if you had any basic knowledge of dog care.

10. [+33, -1] Living alone and choosing to adopt a dog in itself is abuse. Remember Lee Kyung Kyu said he would never let anyone adopt a dog who lives alone? There's a reason why it's so common.



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