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Monday, September 5, 2016

Woman shares her experience growing up with albinism on 'Hello'

Article: 'Hello' blonde hair + blue eyes, viewers applaud the bravery of 'albino woman'

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

The 26 year old shared her experience growing up with albinism: "When I was in elementary school, all of the kids would shut the doors and windows to not let me in. Nobody wanted to be my friend because they thought I was contagious and didn't want to hold my hand. Some students came to bully me during breaks, and another threw sand at me when we were out on the sports field.

When I matured into an adult, I thought people would be more understanding. But then I realized that the junior high school kids who were walking behind me would come up to look at my face and laugh, and the high school kids sitting on the bus behind me would be on the phone like, 'Yeah, I really saw an albino, I swear.' Another student sitting in front of me was like, 'I'll take a picture and show you.' They ignored my requests to delete the pictures and kept smiling while looking out the windows. I had to give up because I didn't want to cause a scene.

In junior high, I began to like biotechnology, but because of my worsening eye sight, it became harder for me to study and I had to get into special education. I cried because I couldn't study, and I didn't want my efforts to end in misery. I eventually tried hard enough to get into medical school."


1. [+801, -13] I looked up why her eyes moved like that and I read that it was a common trait of albino patients because of their fluid eye movements. And whoever those kids were who bullied her, I really do wonder what kind of families they come from. How dare you take a picture of someone in front of them like that, it's enraging.

2. [+494, -9] I'm reflecting... I remember seeing a 6 year old albino baby and her hair was all white so I kept staring without realizing it... everything was white.. ㅠㅠ I now realize that even actions like that are hurtful to these patients ㅠㅠ I'm sorry..

3. [+391, -52] I think she's pretty... people can be so mean

4. [+50, -2] So cool that she worked that hard to get into med school. It must've been so hard with the way people treated her but she did everything she could to achieve her dream.

5. [+31, -1] For all the bullying she suffered, she actually seemed to have high self esteem! What a bright person! And she still studies despite the difficulties... what a hard working person. I hope people see this episode and change their attitudes towards her ㅠㅠ

6. [+27, -77] If she was thinner and her face was beautiful, maybe her albino traits could've made her look mysterious and dreamy. Even without albinism, she's a bit.... odd looking. I remember in junior high I had a classmate with albinism but she was tall and pretty so her blonde hair and lighter eye color made her look dreamy. She was really popular too. She shouldn't blame her albinism and try to lose some weight and get prettier... People can't be mean to you when you're an attractive person. That's just reality.

7. [+26, -0] Nowadays people bleach their hair and wear colored lenses anyway. Be brave. Some people are just so mean, sigh...

8. [+21, -0] I saw an albino person on the streets once and assumed they were Northern European because of how white they were... It makes me think about it now because I stared at them as a passing moment in my life but for them, it was probably one of many stares that they've had to endure all their lives.

9. [+21, -5] To me, albinos are mysterious and beautiful

10. [+12, -1] At the beginning of the episode, I wondered what the problem was when she could just dye her hair and wear colored lenses if it was such a problem for her but then I noticed that even her eyelashes were white and felt sorry... it's probably harder for people like her because of people like me who assume things without knowing anything. I'm sorry for that, be happy.



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