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Monday, September 19, 2016

U-Kwon reveals Block B's comeback is not until Zico writes more songs

Article: U-Kwon "Block B's comeback? Zico hasn't been writing songs haha"

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+806, -49] Zico makes so much money on his own than with his team so he has nothing to lose. Feels more like his solo is his main and his group is secondary ㅋㅋㅋ and of course dating is a plus. The best for him, really.

2. [+737, -89] Zico's successful even as a solo so it feels like he hasn't been concerning himself with his group anymore... Jiho-ya, don't be like that

3. [+750, -117] Zico seems to have moved on from Block B. He only hangs out with other hip hop stars these days.

4. [+462, -41] It's because he's in a relationship ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+523, -84] Seems to be the difference between him and GD... GD can put out solo albums and hold solo concerts that are daebak but he never puts Big Bang on the backburner... but then again, Big Bang and Block B are are at different levels of success...

6. [+125, -12] I don't know if I'm overstepping boundaries or not but I feel like Zico doesn't have much responsibility as a leader, especially after seeing the other members complain about their situation on shows like 'Sketchbook'. A leader is the center of the group but he's more focused on his solo activities and promoting himself as a hip hop star. Isn't Block B technically over then...

7. [+104, -7] There's no reason for Block B to only be able to comeback with a song Zico produced, right? The fact that they're so reliant on him already means that Block B is more like Zico's team

8. [+114, -11] He's probably busy with his solo and dating

9. [+92, -4] I remember from Block B's last unit that they had other members who could write and compose songs. They should stop waiting around for Zico and start learning to produce on their own.

10. [+85, -3] Can Block B not do anything without Zico or what??

11. [+134, -18] The members should be more understanding since he's obviously busy every day with Kinddokkang ㅎ

12. [+70, -4] Zico seems like a highly individualistic person. Has a lot of personal ambitions and greed, not that those things are bad.

13. [+63, -2] Feels like the group is too reliant on Zico. What is their agency's producer doing?

14. [+62, -4] He gets 100% on his own but then has to divide it with Block B when he's with the group. If you were him, which would you do? Group or solo?

15. [+112, -24] Could any of you guys sit and write songs when Seolhyun's right in front of you? And after seeing the Dispatch pictures, it's not like she dresses appropriately with him either ㅎ

16. [+47, -3] Can the other members not produce?????????

17. [+44, -2] What're they going to do without him?

18. [+40, -4] But Big Bang can't comeback unless GD writes their songs either

19. [+29, -3] They seem too reliant on Zico, I'm sure they have other producers in the company too

20. [+37, -6] Block B already had a comeback in April with a song Zico write. Zico even wrote their unit song. Isn't that enough??? They should learn how to do some work too instead of dumping it all on him.



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