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Sunday, September 25, 2016

TV: Yoona shows acting improvement in 'K2'

Article: 'The K2' Yoona, do we smell the best drama of her career here?

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,676, -376] I think she's good, and 'K2' is fun

2. [+2,514, -376] Her acting has improved with practice, you can tell how much effort she's put in

3. [+2,270, -359] Her acting has really improved

4. [+1,835, -325] Her acting seems to have improved

5. [+2,082, -418] Yoona's good at acting so I think it won't only be 'K2' but the rest of her future works that will make her career shine

6. [+326, -66] Yoona seems to match these types of roles... I'd rather she steer away from uncharming female leads who are always quirky and bubbly and pick another charming role like this

7. [+426, -103] Honestly the drama's just now beginning so it's a bit too early to get all excited about her acting but you can definitely tell that this is a different role from the ones she normally takes on. I hope she really picks it up this time and continues to improve as an actress.

8. [+336, -80] I think she doesn't have a lot of lines because she joined filming late. She'll probably get more screentime and lines a few more episodes in.



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