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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Kim Sohye performs with IOI at the 'Dadohae Cup' opening

Article: IOI Kim Sohye 'sexy beauty hidden in her cuteness'

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+529, -123] She's a product of amazing timing. Lacks in everything from dancing, singing, acting, to visuals but got in the media at the perfect timing and managed to debut purely off of popularity alone. Important thing is that she realizes that too.

2. [+421, -125] So untalented

3. [+338, -59] Proves how important luck is

4. [+23, -11] You guys do realize that she's the most popular one in the group after the top 3 and Kim Chungha, right? Te ability to attract fans is also considered a talent for celebrities

5. [+21, -13] Something about her still feels awkward to me

6. [+20, -12] Sohye and Yoojung are my favorite, not sure why they get so much hate... If we're going to talk about untalented idols, we have a whole truckload of them to talk about

7. [+18, -13] I like her the best, not sure why the hate

8. [+16, -15] Why do people chalk her success up to luck? To idols, your visuals and your image are extremely important. You don't have to be a traditional beauty but there are a lot of fans who like faces with certain cat-like features like hers

9. [+14, -10] As they say, once you get hated on Pann, you are a trending star!

10. [+9, -3] As much as some of you hate to admit it, the ability to turn people into your fan is a skill in itself. Singing and dancing are skills you can acquire through practice but the charm to lure people into being interested in you is something you're actually born with. I'm sorry but Kim Sohye is probably more popular than all 5 of SPICA combined. It's obvious that SPICA is more talented than Kim Sohye in both singing and dancing but Kim Sohye's the one who has a talent for making fans.



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