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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Im Siwan and Yoona cast as leads in upcoming historical drama

Article: [Exclusive] Im Siwan and Yoona cast as leads in drama 'The King Loves'

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+1,613, -171] Hul... really looking forward to Im Siwan!!

2. [+1,366, -247] Wow daebak visuals

3. [+1,228, -248] They both have that deer-like look so their visuals will match well ㅋㅋ can't wait~♡

4. [+840, -131] Im Siwan in a historical drama!!!! His first since 'Moon Embraces' ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ this is an eye candy drama for sure

5. [+1,247, -306] Can't wait for both Yoona and Im Siwan ㅋㅋ handsome and pretty

6. [+220, -36] Seems like media play from the producer's end. Yoona has an upcoming drama that hasn't even begun airing yet, you can't just talk about her casting news like this.

7. [+253, -50] Yoona's starting a new drama just now, you can't be promoting another drama at the same time. SM should put a hold on it or at least release the news later.

8. [+161, -21] So who's the scriptwriter and director? 'Moon Lovers' has proven that you need a good scriptwriter to live up to the original work...

9. [+109, -11] We had news of her drama 'K2' just yesterday, now what's this about another drama? I thought she was starring in two dramas at once but this one's right after

10. [+51, -9] So are historical dramas the trend now? 'Moon Lovers', 'Gurumi', and another one...


Source: Daum

1. [+497, -40] Nope

2. [+444, -20] Siwan-ah... think long and hard about this one~~ I've seen plenty of dramas fail because of this female lead

3. [+412, -18] Another love drama about a king... We already have two dramas about kings in love on air right now with 'Gurumi' and 'Moon Lovers'... another king love story? ㅋㅋㅋ Yoona's been shooting a historical drama in China, hasn't she? Is she prepared for this one?

4. [+313, -14] What did Siwan do to deserve this

5. [+289, -6] Have the producers learned nothing from 'Moon Lovers'? Just use real actors.

6. [+283, -18] I wish they'd reconsider the female lead ㅠ I'm not even watching 'Moon Lovers' because of a certain someone. Or please, Yoona should pass on it herself.

7. [+272, -12] Yoona's mouth bothers me so much when she pronounces her words...

8. [+264, -9] This female idol can't even act in a modern drama, why are you casting her in a historical one... you have to be out of your mind

9. [+219, -9] The female lead though....

10. [+218, -12] Nope to Yoona ^^


Source: Nate

1. [+75, -19] Visuals alone are amazing

2. [+71, -10] This novel is really good... but the male lead has to wear pigtails ㅋ

3. [+48, -15] They look so alike

4. [+26, -8] Seems pre-recorded dramas are the trend lately~!!! It gives the team so much more free time to shoot the drama which means better work environments and better quality~ Im Siwan and Yoona both match historical dramas too so do well=3333333

5. [+25, -18] Yoona's hard at work~ she has such beautiful features that she'll match really well in a hanbok~



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