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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Battle of the voluminous bodies: Hyosung and Hyorin

Article: "Body queens" Jun Hyosung vs Hyorin, unrivaled volume

Source: Dispatch HD via Nate

1. [+276, -44] Doesn't matter how amazingly voluminous your body is when your face is ugly. Hyosung's got this one.

2. [+243, -33] I looked at all of Hyosung's pictures and then speed scrolled down

3. [+225, -35] Jun Hyosung's so pretty and her skin is so milky, she's like a doll ♡

4. [+19, -5] You can't really compare the two... Hyorin's already lost from her face alone..

5. [+15, -2] Both have that healthy beauty to them but Hyosung's a bit better...

6. [+13, -1] Maybe because my own skin is so dark but I find milky Hyosung so pretty ㅠㅠ

7. [+12, -1] An article you only click to see Hyosung for

8. [+10, -2] I also clicked to see Hyosung's pictures and then speed scrolled down through Hyorin's ㅋ

9. [+8, -16] At least Hyorin doesn't act cheap by purposely showing off her chest and stuff like Hyosung does

10. [+7, -1] Even if Hyosung gained 10 kg, she'd still dominate over Hyorin



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