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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Um Tae Woong embroiled in sexual assault lawsuit with massage parlor staff

Article: Actor Um Tae Woong under lawsuit for sexually assaulting female staff at massage parlor

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

1. [+3,548, -201] Hul... he was on TV with his daughter just a while ago but he was doing it with another woman all this time? Whether he sexually assaulted her or not, that is a disappointment in itself... farewell~

2. [+3,211, -118] Wow~~~ his image is completely demolished~~ especially with his wife and daughter already having been on TV... what are they going to do now?

3. [+2,898, -78] Hul??

4. [+440, -4] At least the stars in the other scandals were all single men... what was this ba$tard thinking? He has a wife and a kid... even if he didn't sexually assault the woman but just doing it with her is wrong in itself. He has no where to hide now.

5. [+353, -6] Whether he sexually assaulted her or not isn't even the issue, he's a married man with a kid

6. [+342, -3] Wow, he was already getting hate from the ballet association for blocking the future of his wife's ballerina career but now he's going to get hate from the entire nation~!


Article: Um Tae Woong reps, "Sexual assault rumors are unfounded, he will comply with all police investigations"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+1,016, -160] But you still did it with her. At this point, what's it even matter whether it was forced or not...

2. [+908, -59] What were you thinking, you have a family at home... what're you going to do about your ruined image now?

3. [+568, -44] What the public wants to know is not whether you assaulted her or not but whether you indeed slept with her or not knowing that you have a wife and kid at home

4. [+80, -6] So he did have sex with her, he's just claiming he didn't assault her... the fact that a married man is even at a place like that is the issue, especially after revealing his kid's face all over TV

5. [+76, -3] Even famous figures like him, both married and single, go to massage parlors, I wonder how common it is for regular men ㅠㅠ I doubt prostitution will ever go out of business even if the world is on the verge of destruction, sigh


Article: Um Tae Woong's wife Yoon Hye Jin, "I have nothing to say right now" tears

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+3,943, -53] Sigh, she's probably a mess right now... she's a victim in this too, why even bother calling her and asking how she feels

2. [+3,039, -52] Wow... even if the sex was consensual, he already revealed his wife and kid's face all over TV, now he's embarrassing the entire family tsk tsk

3. [+334, -7] That woman's a highly respected figure in the ballet world... she gave everything up after marrying Um Tae Woong because he thought it was her role as a woman and a mother to stay home and take care of the family. When he gave his interview on 'Superman' that he never expected her to miss her career, I never took him for the considerate type... She cooked his breakfast, packed his lunch without missing a day because the mother-in-law demanded that she not starve her son. The least he could do was be good to her... I just assumed they were a happy family but I guess you never know..

4. [+245, -1] Men, please don't get married if you're going to stick your dick in anything. Your wife and kid are a pity.

5. [+182, -1] This ba$tard doesn't know how good he has it. He took a woman who did nothing but ballet all her life and forced her into doing all this house work for him and she gave up her life to take care of him and the family and he went out and did what!?


Source: Naver

1. [+11,384, -639] The fact that he was even at a massage parlor is enough. He's a public figure, he should've been more careful. Furthermore, he's a married man and father...

2. [+8,278, -640] I think the woman in the lawsuit is suing him because she got caught for fraud and asked Um Tae Woong for help but he said no so she's bringing up something from their past to screw him over

3. [+2,347, -247] He acted all innocent on TV, shedding tears while looking over his daughter, but in real life, his daughter's probably waiting for him at home while he's out at a massage parlor

4. [+2,225, -208] Whatever the case, it remains true that a married man went to a massage parlor. What would a man with a daughter be doing at a place like that???? Sigh, dirty stars... farewell to you too.

5. [+1,896, -122] Still doesn't change the fact that a married man and father went to a massage parlor


Source: Naver

1. [+16,453, -1,104] I think whether he went to the massage parlor is more important than whether he assaulted her... he has a daughter at home..

2. [+12,843, -928] A married man at a massage parlor... poor Jion....

3. [+11,485, -875] No one cares whether you assaulted her or not... because it's true that you went to a massage parlor in an officetel either way....

4. [+5,184, -450] He shouldn't have acted like such a loving father with his kid on TV... what did your family do to deserve this national embarrassment?

5. [+2,354, -100] He still went to the massage parlor... he's going to end up like Lee Byung Hun tsk tsk



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