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Sunday, August 28, 2016

TV: Age of Youth (Finale)

Article: 'Age of Youth' finale, to the 99% of the viewers who didn't watch this drama

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+547, -21] Such a fun drama. I admit having some bias going into it but now this is one of my most favorite dramas. Very realistic and it covers some darker topics in a natural way. So sad that it's so short and that we couldn't see more of their stories ㅠ I really want a second season!! With the same cast!!

2. [+478, -16] I watched it once and it was fun. A very realistic but beautiful story about our youth.

3. [+423, -23] Can't believe there's a drama as interesting as this

4. [+32, -2] I honestly had low expectations about the cast but they fit each character perfectly. The plot is totally something girls would love. Probably the most enjoyable drama out of everything I recently watched.

5. [+29, -0] I assumed it'd be some light hearted drama about college kids but I was drawn in by the realistic portrayal of the stories about our youth today as well as the coverage of light to dark topics. The cast was good and charming too.


Source: Naver

1. [+2,743, -102] I really need a second season, 12 episodes aren't enough. I want to see all 5 of them with a happy ending life. Every single character is daebak.

2. [+1,968, -84] One of the few dramas I made sure to watch on TV. I want a second season with the same exact cast.

3. [+1,712, -76] Why is it already over ㅠ please make a second season with the same cast! They fit everything so well

4. [+168, -9] I definitely recommend this drama. Plot, direction, acting... no hole here.

5. [+173, -14] I remember reading a comment about this drama where you either never watched this drama or you watched it once and sat through all the way to the end.

6. [+137, -2] So much better than the other Cinderella dramas. Realistic plot with emotional relatability. Really enjoyed watching this.



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