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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sooyoung looks serious at the airport

Article: 'Because of Tiffany's controversy?' Sooyoung heads to the airport with a hardened facial expression

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,465, -81] The area around her nose and mouth looks so weird?????????????

2. [+1,324, -95] Hmm.. seems like the weight of her face is melting down...

3. [+1,202, -96] She looked so South East Asian when she first debuted. Not that she doesn't anymore but she still can't escape that tacky look.

4. [+121, -7] If people seriously let this Tiffany scandal pass, you're proving you're all idiot pigs

5. [+115, -9] Her face is so big but her body is so thin, the imbalance...

6. [+102, -12] She's probably just looking serious for the cameras

7. [+91, -6] Kick Tiffany from the group

8. [+74, -8] She has such an ajumma face. What is even her role in the group??

9. [+56, -3] What's up with her nose~

10. [+46, -2] She has supporting role level looks next to actual actresses. Just stick to being a Soshi member, don't be greedy for the small screen. Her visuals and acting skills were both overshadowed by that scammer unni in '38th'



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