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Friday, August 19, 2016

Seo Jisoo's lawsuit battle continues in court

Article: Seo Jisoo, 'A' acquitted of accusations regarding the spread of rumors

Source: Aju Econ via Nate

1. [+863, -302] Maybe there really is something?? ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+846, -374] So I guess it's true... she's a lesbian!!

3. [+581, -124] I didn't know this lawsuit was still going on, found out for the first time today!

4. [+141, -24] For those who don't understand what the article is saying, A was acquitted of spreading rumors with B and C while the lawsuits with B and C are still ongoing. You can't automatically assume that an acquittal means you're innocent. She was only acquitted because the court failed to find evidence that A worked with B and C to spread the rumors. The fact still remains that she spread the rumors though.

5. [+132, -17] If you actually read the article, it actually shows that Seo Jisoo is innocent ㅋㅋㅋ A was given a penalty fine for spreading rumors. Woollim decided to settle with her and warned her not to do it again but she did so they sued her for defamation. However, they couldn't find enough evidence for it, hence the acquittal. A is still guilty of initially spreading the rumors though.

6. [+124, -25] So what happened was that the Seo Jisoo lesbian rumors were just that, rumors, and A settled with Woollim that she wouldn't spread the rumors again but Woollim thought she was doing it again so they sued her again but couldn't find enough evidence for it so she was acquitted. There's no evidence of Seo Jisoo being a lesbian.

7. [+105, -6] As written by the other comments, the acquittal is regarding A breaking the initial settlement with Woollim, it doesn't mean that the rumors themselves are true.

8. [+96, -11] This is how important an article title is, people are just automatically assuming Seo Jisoo is guilty ㅋㅋ



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